The Spirit of The Season

Happy week after Thanksgiving, Mamas! If you are anything like me, the holiday season is already in FULL swing around here.  Decorating, parties, baking, kid events and a packed schedule can sometimes dull the brightness that surrounds this beautiful time of year.

Spirit of the Season

We have a few ideas that will help you slow down and enjoy the magic of the season with your family and friends. None of us need the stress and anxiety that can sometimes surround us throughout the month of December.

Here is a short list of things to help you navigate the crazy 🙂

  1. Wake up a half hour earlier than you normally do. Give yourself that time to do whatever it is that makes your soul happy. Is it sitting in the quiet by the fireplace enjoying your coffee? Do that. Is it a workout before the rest of the family is awake? Yes Mama. Is it sitting down to journal or read your favorite devotional in the blissfully quiet morning? DO IT. Anything that gives us a few minutes to focus on ourselves will help us keep the stress at bay throughout the day.
  2. Purposefully plan out your day. There is nothing that makes me feel more frazzled than a long to do list that has no direction on how to get it all done. Take a few minutes and look at the week ahead. Make a schedule that maximizes your time, and makes you feel good as you get everything checked off that list!
  3. Start your gift list NOW. There are SO many amazing bloggers out there sharing fantastic gift guides ….take advantage! I find that if I wait until the last minute the stress level just keeps getting higher and higher. How great would it be if this year, we had everything done in advance and we could relax and enjoy the season?! One of my favorite bloggers has an amazing gift guide-check it out here.
  4. VOLUNTEER! Nothing feels as good as giving back to those in need.  There are so many places you can do this.  My son and I are going to be volunteering at an event this year for families who need a little extra help around the holidays.  The parents get to “shop” donated items for their families’ gifts and we get to help kids do holiday crafts and projects while they do.  I am excited to do this with our son, so he can experience helping those a bit less fortunate than we.

These are just a few ways you can combat the chaos and stress of the holidays.  We’d love to hear your ideas as well-share them below!

Spirit of the Season

Our wish for you this holiday season is to slow down and enjoy the magic with your family and friends. Hopefully these tips will help you out just a little bit along the way.