Take That Risk…

photo from www.discoverfun.com
photo from www.discoverfun.com

Well. Are you? I like to think I am, knowing all the while there are some risks I do not want to take. Some of us were made to jump out of airplanes, climb impossibly high mountains, discover deep seas. Some of us were made to be leaders, performers, teachers. All come with their own risk – the risk to fail.

But a risk doesn’t have to be death defying – it just needs to be fear defying. If there is one thing I wish I’d learned sooner it would be how to control my fears. How to always be a risk taker. It’s never too late to learn. And I don’t think anyone ever truly masters this. The point is to never stop trying. Never stop dreaming up a new adventure, a new page in the story of your life.

Eleanor Roosevelt said “do one thing every day that scares you”. Big or small, conquering your fears is a powerful thing. And you will feel more inspired than ever by your very own fabulous life.

So go ahead. Take that risk today. Fall in love, Say yes to the job, sign up for that marathon, start writing that novel – LIVE today. And then risk it all again tomorrow…