A Perfect Mother In Law Gift Idea

January 16, 2019


Perfect Mother In Law Gift

Do you struggle (like me!) to find a perfect gift for certain people in your life – IE: mother in law, sister, aunt, etc?!

Well, I received the sweetest, coziest, comfiest gift from my parents over Christmas – The Giving Shawl. And so now I just have to share with you, because I feel like it makes an amazing gift for that someone in your life (sister, mom, grandmother, aunt, friend, sis-in-law, MIL) that you adore, but maybe live far away from. Or maybe this person is difficult to shop for…either way, it’s a lovely present!

Enter, The Giving Shawl

They call it a “gift-able hug”, which I find so perfect. The point of the shawl is that it is supposed to make the gift-ee smile every time they wrap up in it. It reminds you that somebody loves you, that somebody is giving you a big ol’ hug right then and there.

And trust me, this shawl is so cozy! It’s unbelievably soft and comes in a few different colors. I just love it. Every time I put it on, I feel soft and fuzzy inside.

In fact, I may be gifting this to my mother-in-law sometime soon. How cute would this be from your kiddos? A gift for grandma? L-O-V-E!

PS: I forgot to tell you the most important part. It has pockets. Mic. Drop.

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Mother in law gift ideas

3 Inspiring Books to Start 2019

January 11, 2019


Inspiring Books For 2019

Ok, real quick I wanted to send y’all my favorite 3 books I’m absolutely devouring so far in 2019. These are perfect for you, mama, because the first 2 are super short passages and/or chapters that you actually can find the time to read because it takes about 3 minutes! lol!

First up – The Daily Soul Sessions books (obvi!)

If your pregnant – get The Daily Soul Sessions For The Pregnant Mama. If you’re not pregnant – get The Daily Soul Sessions For Every Mama. The short, daily inspirations are so refreshing and comforting. I’ve loved diving back into my pregnancy book. It reminds me that I’m not alone in my feelings (hello hormones!) and that it’s ok to miss the woman I used to be. She is still there. I just have to work a little bit harder to honor her, remember her, and bring her back by being creative, positive, and inspired!

Inspiring Pregnancy Book

Second – Maria Shriver’s “I’ve Been Thinking”

This book is just awesome. Short chapters with titles like “The Power Of Faith”, and “I’m Who I Choose To Become”, and “The Power Of Letting Go” to name a few are incredibly inspiring and encouraging. This woman has been through a lot, and she’s come out on the other side with so much wisdom and kindness that I’m simply devouring her words. You will too, I know it!

Maria Shriver book I've Been Thinking

Third – Lysa Terkeurst’s “The Best Yes”

Lysa Terkeurst is a Christian author and I really enjoy her writing style. She tells inspiring, real stories that help me relate to my every day problems and concerns. This book is all about “making wise decisions in the midst of endless demands” which LORD knows I need help with! I get paralyzed with indecision – do you? Lately I’ve been realizing that when I’m stuck in that limbo of not being able to make a decision, it’s because I’m letting myself be led by all the noise and chaos and media and social media around me. Instead of quietly going inside of myself and letting spirit lead me. This book is helping me take ownership of that.

Lysa Terkeurst The Best Yes

There you have it, lady! Curl up with some coffee and take those 5 minutes for yourself. Or if you’re like me, you have 2 kids in your lap while you do it – but still! It’s the thought – and the inspiration – that counts!



5 Things You Must Have When You’re Pregnant

January 10, 2019


5 Things you must have when you're pregnant

Well, third time must be a charm, because here it is, mama – the 5 Things You Must Have When You’re Pregnant. It’s only taken me…ohhhh, 22 months of pregnancy (I have 2 kids, and one on the way) to whittle this list down to my favorites!

1.) An Inspiring Pregnancy Book

The Daily Soul Sessions For The Pregnant Mama book is the one thing I read every single day to get my mind and my heart right. I want to feel connected to my little peanut inside, but I also want to remember the woman I was before the label mom took over my entire existence! And this book does that – it’s short, inspiring messages for each day of your pregnancy. It helps you stay positive, stay mindful, and stay creative during these most creative and amazing 9 months!

2.) Comfy CUTE Shoes

Ok, so as we keep growing and growing with each passing day – ahem – month, it’s important to hold onto a few things from our previous life. Or even add something amazing to our previous life – and the easiest way to do this is with shoes! lol – I know, it’s a bit vain, but when we have some cute shoes on, it makes the bump feel even better! The key is comfort, as you know, and these wedge sneaks are AMAZING! See the pic above – Supes cute. And I can wear them literally all day long without my feel hurting.

3.) An Amazing Blender

Yep. An amazing blender is for sure a necessity! So go ahead and ask for that Vitamix for your birthday or whatever holiday is fast approaching, because smoothies are the best when you’re preggo. A couple of my favorites are the Glowing Green Smoothie and the Almond Milk Breakfast Smoothie. 

4.) Pillows. And Then More Pillows

There comes a point in every pregnancy when you simply need all the pillows. Seriously – I bogart every single pillow from all the unused beds when I hit, ohhhh about 12 weeks! I now sleep in a throne-like position. This means I have the large Euro pillow in back, then 2 normal queen pillows piled against that, a 3rd queen pillow propped up above the 2 other queens (for my head, obvi), and THEN I have 2 king pillows – one on either side of my body. These are for propping up my arms, or for placing under my bump and between my knees when I want to be on my side. Yes. It’s a lot. Yes, it sounds insane. Yes, my poor husband has to climb over a mountain of pillows any time he wants to kiss me good night. And Yes, I need them all. So do yourself a grand favor, and just accept the pillows. Zzzzzzzz.

5.) A Great Lipstick – Color, color, color!

You need to head to Sephora and have an expert help you find the perfect lip color to add to your daily arsenal. And go bold, my bump sister, go bold! I find that when I’m feeling exhausted (pretty much every day), or I’m feeling a bit blue that nothing fits (hello boobs!), or I just need to feel a little oomph of fertility goddess-ness, the perfect lip color helps me get there. I adore this one from Milk Makeup – color “Wifey.”

So there you have it, friend. My list of the 5 Things You Must Have When You’re Pregnant. Next up, my 5 Maternity Clothing Essentials!


PS: Enter our monthly Mama Care Package giveaway below! We pick a new winner every month – and this is also something you’ll want to feel comfy, cozy, and cared for each day



How To Survive Hosting The Holidays While 9 Months Pregnant

December 12, 2016


When Christmas rolls in I will be 36 weeks pregnant…

You know that image of a turkey that comes out of the oven all golden and steaming and swollen and ready to pop? Yep, that’ll be me on December 25th. Cooked. Done. Roll me outta there.

But alas, Christmas is coming. And for the first time EVER, we will be spending Christmas at home. Gasp! My family is actually traveling out to California to celebrate the holidays with us. Because my doctor has grounded me, and I won’t be able to travel anymore. Basically I’m too pregnant for Christmas.

I love my family, I adore my family. Obviously as my 2 sisters and I started The Daily Soul Sessions together! But I know that I have to be prepared for just how pregnant I will actually be at that time. And even though I have an extremely helpful and supportive family tribe, it’s stressful to “host” a holiday.

It all comes down to the prep work, mama! So here is how I am preparing – how I will survive the holidays 9 months pregnant!

How To Survive The Holidays while 9 Months Pregnant

1.) Plan, Plan, Plan

Having a plan is the best strategy to surviving a potential stressful situation. I have all meals planned out, all daily activities tentatively scheduled, all gifts bought, all bedrooms designated, and a plan to getting them guest ready far in advance of when my family descends (See #3!). I’m too pregnant for procrastination.

2.) Just Say No

Since we are staying home this year, a lot of our friends here in Southern California who always stay here want to get together. And while there may be one or two events I can handle, I’m definitely not afraid to just say no.

These are people who love and care about me, and they completely understand that when I say no, I say it with thanks and love, and they know that I’m too pregnant to say yes to anything.

3.) Ask For and Expect Help

Normally when I host guests (even family!) in my home, I try to take care of all their potential needs before they arrive. And even throughout their stay. But this year, I will be asking for a lot of help. And I’ll be expecting it. Mom, I will for sure be taking you up on your offer to deep clean my kitchen this year!

I’ll also allow myself to go ahead and hire a house cleaner to come in and take care of some of the dirty work that needs to be done – both before guests arrive and after they leave. Reach out to friends who use someone they know and trust, and just hire them already. It’s worth the expense. I promise!

4.) Go To Bed Early

Holidays get crazy. And fun. And full of wine. At least in my family they do. Normally, I’m right there with everyone until the bitter end. But this year, even when everyone is still up and going strong in my house, I will be heading to bed early. Or at least at my normal preggo bed time.

You have to take care of yourself, mama. Things will only start to spiral downhill if you don’t continue your self care routine while you’re pregnant. I really REALLY don’t want to over-exert and exhaust myself. It only ends badly with swollen feet, strong braxton hicks, and falling asleep at the dinner table.

5.) Let Guests Do Their Thing…And Don’t Feel Guilty About It!

Since long activities aren’t really working for me these days (I’m waaaaaay in the “lounge on the couch with my feet up as much as possible” stage), I’ll be letting everybody know it’s totally ok for them to go do their thing.

Do they want to go shopping? Go to the beach? See a movie? Make a list of all the fun things to do in your city, print it out and send them on their merry way. If they’re feeling guilty leaving you, just tell them to go during your MUCH NEEDED nap time. If you’re feeling guilty for not joining…just don’t. You’re way too pregnant for guilt, lady.

6.) Don’t Eat For “Two”

This one is a hard one, especially during the holidays! There is so much great food at every single meal of the day, and sometimes eating is the only “fun” thing we get to indulge in right now! However, I have made the SERIOUS mistake of over-indulging.

We recently went to a holiday party that was mostly an appetizer event. I happily and confidently munched my way through all the appetizers. And then went back for 2nds. And maybe 3rds. Yeah. 9. Months. Pregnant.

The problem with this is most appetizers and holiday foods are super rich, super salty, and super heart-burn inducing. I was up all night just miserable! Sleep is hard enough to find these days without having to down a bottle of tums at 3am. And I did it to myself! UGH!

So try to restrain yourself as much as you can.

I’ll be right there sacrificing with you. Staring longingly at the flowing red wine and 2nd plate of bacon wrapped lil’ smokies….knowing that in 4 short weeks, I can eat and drink and be merry with the rest of ’em! Including a brand new little babe…

Cheers, mama and good luck to us all!

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10 Gifts A Pregnant Woman Actually Wants: A Gift Guide for the Mom-to-be

December 5, 2016



A Gift Guide For Pregnant Women

**NOTE: This post was EXTREMELY popular last year! I’ve updated it with new goodies f0r 2017…Happy shopping! – Kate

Not Pregnant? Click here for our Gift Guide For Every Mom!

Let’s start with a simple question.

What on earth do you buy an expecting mama that she will actually love and want?! Ok, listen up! I know it ain’t easy to buy gifts for a pregnant woman. (If you’re the preggo mama, send this gift guide to your hubby, family, friends right now!)

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Pregnant women are in such a strange place in their lives. Can I get an amen? Clothes aren’t really an option because nothing fits them the way it normally would, and it only reminds your pregnant wife that she’s not who she used to be! Plus trying to guess sizes is hard for US, let alone you.

A lot of people then stick to baby gifts, but come on. That’s not a gift for her – it’s a gift for the baby! And what baby showers are for.

Here is our top 10 gifts that a pregnant woman will actually want and love. I know, because I’m pregnant, and I want every single thing on this list. Honey, are you reading? Cheers!

1.) The Daily Soul Sessions For The Pregnant Mama book

This gift is good for her soul. The Daily Soul Sessions for the Pregnant Mama book is a daily inspirational – 280 soul sessions, one for every day of her pregnancy. There is room on each page for her to write down her feelings or thoughts or baby movements that day if she so desires. Mamas-to-be LOVE this book: “This is the most real and reflective pregnancy book I’ve ever read.”

pregnancy gift guide

2.) High Road Suede Ankle Booties

These ankle booties are absolutely adorable on – See them on Kacey in the pic below! And super comfortable, too. Which is obviously extremely important for an expecting mama. Comfort is key, kids. We love how they look with leggings or skinny maternity jeans. And bonus points because she can wear them now and later after the baby comes. Win win!

pregnancy gift guide


3.) Hearth & Hand ANYTHING!

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t adore something from Chip and Jo Jo’s new Target line! These green vases are stunning!

4.) Cozy Cardigan

This slouchy cardigan is extremely comfortable and light weight which helps when pregnancy hormones get all crazy and she’s hot, then she’s cold, then she’s hot, then she’s cold again. Any cute cardigan makes a great gift for a mama-to-be because, once again, she can make great use of it now (wearing it over leggings and a long tank top) and also wear it next year when the baby’s on the outside. Spit up covered shoulders here you come!

5.) Rodan + Fields Lash Boost

Rodan + Fields
Everyone who has used this eyelash boosting serum RAVES about it. And the before and after pictures are unreal. This is actually what I asked for this year! This baby has sucked out all the pretty (aka, it seems like all my eyelashes have simply given up and gone to hibernate for the winter, or maybe for forever) and this mama needs this boost! I’ve been told by my Rodan + Fields consultant that this is safe for pregnancy and nursing, but please speak with your doctor before using.

pregnancy gift guide

6.) Beauty Sleep Elixir Face Oil by Beuti

So, Kate Middleton, aka The Duchess of Cambridge, uses this all natural face oil. I’m pretty sure that’s all I need to say about that. BOOM.

pregnancy gift guide

7.) Adult Coloring Book + Colored Pencils

Help her let her inner artist out! Adult coloring books feel frivolous and fun. They are so magical when you just sit down and start coloring in them, though. And once again, the Duchess of Cambridge has been reported to use them as well!

pregnancy gift guide

8.) Prenatal Massage Gift Certificate

Going to get massages while I’m pregnant is one of my favorite things to do. First of all, they are really good for you! Healthy and all that. And second, it sometimes feels too indulgent – so receiving a gift certificate for a prenatal massage is absolutely delightful.

9.) Boho Beaded Earrings

I loved wearing statement earrings during pregnancy. It’s one way to add whimsy without being uncomfortable. These beaded earrings are fantastic! So much gypsy soul. I have a similar pair, and I get compliments on them every single time I wear them.

pregnancy gift guide

10.) Small Cross-Body Bag

After the baby comes, she will be lugging around a giant diaper bag pretty much everywhere she goes. But she’ll still need a spot for some of her things – like wallet, some cash, chapstick, etc. A small cross body bag that she can throw into her diaper bag, or throw over her shoulder if for some reason she doesn’t need the whole diaper bag, is perfect! I love this easy leather look from Madewell.

Happy Shopping!


How To Build An Easy Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

November 29, 2016



That sounds too good to be true, right? Could the maternity style angel just drop some cute, comfy clothes on my doorstep please? This mama is ti-red!

Confession time. Hi, I’m Kate. And I’m a busy mama-to-be who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time and/or money on creating a pregnancy wardrobe to end all wardrobes. Does that describe you, too!?

One of the biggest struggles for me during pregnancy was figuring out what the heck to wear every day! How do I dress this ever-growing bump without spending a fortune on clothes I hope to never see again after this 2nd round is over? (Hello #birthcontrol!)

Not to worry, we have put together the perfect easy pregnancy capsule wardrobe guide and Maternity Capsule Wardrobe Checklist just for you! Simple, easy, and budget friendly preggo style ideas that will get you through these 9 months looking ah-mahhhzing, mama…

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe During Pregnancy

How To Build An Easy Maternity Capsule Wardrobe During Pregnancy

The best maternity style tip I have is decide what your pregnancy uniform is going to be and layer from there. For me, it’s leggings and long tank tops, and then I add vests, sweaters, booties, and accessories that help change up the day to day look.

1.) Pregnancy Uniform: Leggings + Long Tank Tops

During my pregnancy, I found wearing form fitting clothes to be way more flattering than baggy shirts or dresses.

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

2.) Jeans

My favorite jeans to wear are skinny STRETCHY jeans. I like the silhouette they create with long shirts and booties.

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

3.) Dressy Going Out Pants – Like Leather!

These vegan “leather” leggings from Preggo Leggings are so fun. They add a special touch for those nights I’m forced lucky enough to get to go out to an event!

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

4.) Layer with Sweaters, Vests, Jackets

This is the budget-friendly part because you get to use what you already have in your closet – Non Maternity! Some of my favorite layering items:

  • Plaid button down shirt
  • Lace long vest
  • Denim button down shirt
  • Long trench coat vest
  • Long cardigan sweaters

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

4.) The Comfy Little Black Maternity Dress

I love this Maternity LBD because I am able to wear it from my 2nd trimester through to the end! Check out the first 2 photos below. Same dress from first trimester through third trimester.

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

How To Build the Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe during Pregnancy

5.) Baby Shower dress – and a dress you can also wear to any dressy daytime event

Find a dress or two that will get you through your baby shower and any other events that pop up during the year. Stretchy and comfortable are my criteria when it comes to maternity dresses. It’s absolutely no fun to be uncomfortable at any event when you’re pregnant. Comfort Is Key!

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

6.) Accessories

Now go accessorize that bump with floppy hats, messy side braids, skinny belts, long necklaces (which you need to wear now because you won’t be able to after this baby comes for about a year and a half!), booties, sunglasses…you get it!

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

7.) Workout and Yoga Attire

Pick up a couple pairs of cropped maternity leggings and a supportive tank top or two for your prenatal yoga classes.

How To Build The Perfect Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

8.) Pajamas + Maternity Bras

My favorite pjs to wear during pregnancy is a maternity night shirt. I add a pair of cropped leggings when I get up in the morning to stay warm and not scare any houseguests and/or toddlers away. Ha. And I bought a couple nursing bras at Target.

9.) Other Seasonal Items You May Need…

Depending on where you live and when you get pregnant, don’t forget you may need a few seasonal items: maternity swimsuit, shorts, maternity tights, or a winter coat!

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Top 5 Must-Read Pregnancy Books

October 26, 2016


The Daily Soul Sessions For The Pregnant Mama is the most real and reflective pregnancy book I’ve ever read.”
~Chelsea Rothert, Los Angeles Yoga Teacher, Doula, Childbirth Educator

Newly Pregnant? You must read this book: The Daily Soul Sessions For The Pregnant Mama. It's 280 inspirations, one for every day of your pregnancy. This book is like a spiritual cup of coffee, helping you stay positive and connected to yourself during these crazy 9 months. The book is also a pregnancy journal, with space under each soul session to write down and remember all the special moments. New moms everywhere LOVE this must have book. Great baby shower gift! www.TheDailySoulSessions.com
Image by Hannah Renee

Top 5 Pregnancy Books – The Must Read Books for When You’re Expecting!

Have you googled “Must-Read Pregnancy Books” yet? During my first pregnancy, I wanted to read every book I could get my hands on. Books about what to expect, books that explained what my body was going through, books for my mind, books for my body, books for my baby. You name it!

But I also had a strong desire to find a book that would help me connect with myself during this pregnancy as well. Which is why I was attracted to both inspirational books and books that helped me decide methods for eating during pregnancy, how to approach sleep training, and what meditations and yoga poses to do during these 9 months.

So behold – Our list of the Top 5 Pregnancy Books on the market that aren’t on every book list. You need to know about these! These 5 pregnancy books are a great start to your “must-read” list and motherhood journey!

Newly Pregnant? You must read this book: The Daily Soul Sessions For The Pregnant Mama. It's 280 inspirations, one for every day of your pregnancy. This book is like a spiritual cup of coffee, helping you stay positive and connected to yourself during these crazy 9 months. The book is also a pregnancy journal, with space under each soul session to write down and remember all the special moments. New moms everywhere LOVE this must have book. Great baby shower gift! www.TheDailySoulSessions.com

1.) The Daily Soul Sessions for the Pregnant Mama: A Daily Dose of Soul and Inspiration for all Thrilled, Shocked, Excited, and Delighted Mamas To Be!

by Kacey Coppola Morreale, Kate Coppola Leiva, and Kara Coppola Schmahl

This book (obviously!) is one of my favorites. When my twin sister, Kacey, was pregnant with Stella, she really struggled with all the massive changes her life, body, soul, and spirit were going through at the time. As we are songwriters, she started writing all of her feelings down.

During my first pregnancy, I searched and searched for a pregnancy book or app that would speak to me and my soul and not just tell me all the clinical things going on with my body and what size fruit my baby is this week. I was yearning for something a bit more spiritual, a bit more inspiring. Something that would help cultivate my creativity.

I must have complained to Kacey a million times because she finally let me read some of her daily journal entries. BOOM. There it was. Exactly what I had been looking forThe Daily Soul Sessions For The Pregnant Mama is a collection of 280 daily inspirations. One for every single day of your pregnancy. In the words of the lovely mama and blogger Hannah Renee:

This book is a sweet and simple daily minute to yourself. It is full of wonderful inspirational quotes, reflections, and reminders. I am seriously loving the short, yet so on point, daily reflections and inspiration. It is such a great way for me to begin (or end) my day. I’ve appreciated the reminder to slow down and take a breath. It’s so important to stay positive and to let yourself rest and reflect on the changes you’re experiencing through this beautiful time. I believe this book is for any mama, whether it’s your first baby or your fifth. These ladies have made a simple book, aside from the how-tos, the guides, the birth books, etc. to give mama something just for her. Put simply, it’s a daily dose of positivity, especially made for pregnant mamas. It’s a breath of fresh air & totally worth the buy.”

2.) Bringing Up Bebe

by Pamela Druckerman

This book has gotten a lot of hype for the past few years, and personally I really enjoyed reading it. Even my husband read it! For starters, it gave me hope as a first time mom. I worried a lot during my first pregnancy about losing myself in the whole “mommy” world, afraid that I had to become a mama martyr, if you will, in order to be a good mother. This book helped me understand why we are hardwired to feel this way.

Ms. Druckerman offers a glimpse into the realities of French parenting, and she digs into the differences between American and French parenting. She also dives into why American moms tend to feel more guilt and more pressure to lose their entire identity inside their children. And she contrasts that with the French way of including their children in their already established lifestyle and routine. It was a refreshing and enjoyable read!

Top Pregnancy Books

3.) On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant The Gift of Nighttime Sleep

by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam

Ok, ok, ok, this one is suuuuuuupppppeeeeerrrrr controversial. There are so many different schools of thought on how to get your baby to sleep through the night. I personally come from the school of read and learn and educate myself as much as humanly possible, and then determine the best course of action for my family. With that in mind, I have to say that Baby Wise was a great fit for our family.

Now, my daughter was a good sleeper from the very beginning, so I realize I was blessed! (We’ll see how this little boy will do – in fact, I’ll be dusting off my copy of this book ASAP!) But the schedule that Baby Wise gets you on really worked for us! By 11 weeks, Sloane was sleeping from 11pm to 5 or 6am! Now my 2 and a half year old is a fantastic sleeper, she loves her bed, and she loves nap time. I really believe it is a “gift” we are giving our kids and ourselves when we take the time and the effort to teach our babies how to sleep. Anyway! You may love it or hate it – but try it out if you’re looking for sleep answers!

Top Pregnancy Books

4.) Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives: A Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth Through Meditation, Ayurveda, and Yoga Techniques

by Deepak Chopra, David Simon, and Vicki Abrams

I loved how this book integrated body, mind, and spirit with the latest Western scientific prenatal practices. It’s a practical AND inspirational look at the art of bringing a baby into this world. I’m a huge fan of yoga and meditation, and this book incorporates both into your pregnancy.

Must Read Pregnancy Books

5.) Real Food for Mother and Baby: The Fertility Diet, Eating for Two, and Baby’s First Foods

by Nina Planck

I first discovered author Nina Planck through her “The Real Food Cookbook” – devoted to serving only real foods and avoiding anything processed. The book describes itself as a “more old-fashioned and diverse way of eating…using fresh herbs, good butter, seasonal fruits and vegetables, grass-fed and pastured meats, and whole grains.” This method of approaching recipes and feeding my family is very attractive to me. I try to bring everything back to its most basic form, I try to shop the perimeter of the market, and I try to avoid processed foods as much as possible! (I lost a lot of my baby weight by eating this way, but that’s another post for another day!)

When I found her first 2 books, this one and its predecessor “Real Food”, I dove right in! She tells stories about her first pregnancy and encourages mamas to eat healthy, real foods that are good for you and for baby. She backs up all of her theories with facts and is a walking example of the lifestyle she touts.

Top Pregnancy Books

Happy Reading, Mamas!

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And our popular 5 Step Daily Pregnancy Routine!

Newly Pregnant? You must read this book: The Daily Soul Sessions For The Pregnant Mama. It's 280 inspirations, one for every day of your pregnancy. This book is like a spiritual cup of coffee, helping you stay positive and connected to yourself during these crazy 9 months. The book is also a pregnancy journal, with space under each soul session to write down and remember all the special moments. New moms everywhere LOVE this must have book. Great baby shower gift! www.TheDailySoulSessions.com

My 5 Step Uplifting Daily Pregnancy Routine

October 18, 2016

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Why Cultivating A Daily Pregnancy Routine Is So Important…

There are apparently 2 types of women in this world. Those who love being pregnant. And those who don’t.

Ok, ok, fine. I’m sure there’s a lot of gray area here! But you get my gist. If I’m being completely honest, I have to admit that pregnancy is not my favorite time. I can recognize the miracle that is happening within me, I love feeling those first gentle kicks, and obviously the end prize is the BEST gift in the entire world.

But the day to day (month to month!) grind of pregnancy wears on me…

Big time. I mean, that’s the whole reason why The Daily Soul Sessions for the Pregnant Mama book came to be! First time around, Kacey was feeling completely overwhelmed by all the changes happening to her body, and she found an outlet by writing in her journal every day. It cleared out all the cobwebs, all the negative feelings, and helped her connect with her heart, mind, and soul again.

As my first pregnancy progressed, Kacey let me read a few of her journal-ings….and I. Loved. Them. They were exactly what I had been searching for and could not find! I immediately jumped on board, and viola The Daily Soul Sessions for the Pregnant Mama was born.

So cue up to this current pregnancy. Baby number 2

Feels a lot like my first pregnancy, yet I’m chasing after a toddler this time around. I know you second time mamas-to-be are pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down. It’s even harder this time to connect with my own spirit, heart, positivity, creativity because there is less time. I find myself wanting to give all my energy to my kid – after all, there’s not a ton of it these days! But I know deep in my soul that I have to take care of myself, too. Or else I’ll completely run out of steam and this mama train will grind to a stop.


Now I Cultivate a Positive Pregnancy Every Day…

Behold! My daily pregnancy morning routine. The 5 things I do every morning to get my head straight. I always feel refreshed and connected to my inner selfsoul, and spirit when I commit to it. And when I’m lazy and don’t do it? My day feels hectic and harried, and I get exhausted waaaaaay too quickly!

5 Step Uplifting Daily Pregnancy Routine


1.) Wake up at least 30 minutes earlier than normal

I know, I know this can be really hard! But if you give yourself this extra “you” time in the morning, your day will go so much smoother. You’ll have time to meditate, pray, journal, or simply have your first cup of coffee in peace on your back porch.

2.) Breathe Consciously

Before I even get out of bed, I keep my eyes closed and I breathe consciously. I place one hand on my belly and the other hand on my heart, and I breathe in for 3 counts and out for 4 counts. After 4 or 5 cycles of this, I either continue to mediate (if it feels right) or I’ll pray and set an intention for the day. I come up with one positive affirmation to carry me through the day. I’ll say… I am blessed. Or I am creativeI am fearlessI am energized. Whatever word comes to my mind first, I go with it. It’s obviously what my soul has been craving. Then I thank God (or the universe, or whatever you believe in) for this day, because, you know, God should be thanked.

3.) Hydrate

Every evening I take a big glass of water to bed with me, but I rarely finish it during the night. So I immediately drink that glass of water. As I’m drinking it, I visualize the water cleansing me from the inside. (And it’s a great way to start my water intake for the day – which I struggle with!) Then if I’m really being good, I’ll follow it up with a cup of warm water + fresh lemon before I have a cup of coffee. Honestly, this doesn’t happen a lot, but when I do it I LOVE the way it makes me feel.

4.) Read my daily soul session

Next I read my Daily Soul Session for the day. The Daily Soul Sessions for the Pregnant Mama book is the numero uno way I connect with this pregnancy – Every. Single. Day. Because it goes day by day through pregnancy, it helps me make note of where I – and this little soul – are at, it guides me to start my day on a positive note, and it makes me thankful for the gifts I’ve been given in the form of this new life.

Daily pregnancy routine

5.) Self Growth Time

This changes from morning to morning, but it’s what I call my “Me Time”. I get out of bed and wander up to the coffee pot and press start! As it brews, I choose one of the following:

  • Practice morning yoga – basically just some gentle stretching to make space inside of my rapidly growing body. Mama needs some room to breathe!
  • Write in my journal. I love when I actually accomplish writing in my journal first thing, but this is hard for me. I tend to need direction when I write – I need a prompt! So I try to prepare for that and have a list of journal exercises inside my notebook to help trigger my brain. (Get your 3 FREE Journaling Exercise prompts below!)
  • Read from an inspirational book. I always have a book on hand that is more self-help, or poetry, or that guides me to connect to my creative, spiritual side. I’d much rather read this first thing in the morning than anything else. There is plenty of time to catch up on the rest of the outside world.

Journal Exercises

So there you have it! My 5 Step Daily Pregnancy Routine that gets my day going in a positive, creative, and inspired direction from the very start. It works, mamas. When we cultivate this extra spiritual time, we feel it in everything we do. In how we say good morning to our husbands, in how we make breakfast for our kids, in how we face the day gracefully and thankfully.

Sending love to you!

xo, Kate

Daily Pregnancy Routine


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3rd Trimester Tips

Third Trimester Pregnancy Tips

October 3, 2016


*All of these tips and tricks are from The Daily Soul Sessions for the Pregnant Mama book – available on Amazon now. There are 280 soul sessions. One for every day of this crazy, wild ride called pregnancy! Stay positive, stay creative, stay you even as everything around you is changing…


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Well, mama, you did it!

You are officially in your 3rd trimester. We’ve put together our favorite third trimester pregnancy tips to help you with this last sprint to the finish line.

The third trimester of pregnancy is a time of great growth – both physically and mentally. So it’s time to accept all the changes your body is going through and truly embrace the beauty of bearing a new life.

It’s time to be brave, because you must acknowledge your fears of childbirth, and then figure out how you will move through that fear gracefully. It truly is within your power to do so.

So actively engage your mind, your heart, and your soul in this beautiful miracle, and CHOOSE to be a warrior mama goddess! You can do this, lady! Follow these third trimester pregnancy tips and mindfulness tricks to continue your journey to motherhood with grace, love, acceptance, and bravery.

If you’re in your 1st trimester click HERE for great first trimester tips. And 2nd trimester-ers…click HERE for yours!

Want to know the 5 things I do Every Single Day to help get my mind right, my soul steady, and my creativity flowing? Check out my 5 Step Daily Pregnancy Routine – HERE!

Third Trimester Pregnancy Tips

1.) Make Sure You Nest

Nesting: To create and settle into a warm and secure refuge. (Thefreedictionary.com) 

We’ve heard this term before. Expecting mamas nest. That’s what we are supposed to do during the months we wait for this baby to arrive.

I always found myself shying away from that term. It sounded so homely, kind of boring, and a little controlling. What did it mean anyway?

Now I find myself much more introverted than I ever used to be. The growing symptoms of pregnancy demand it in some ways. We get tired quicker, and our body doesn’t want to do the things it used to. There is so much going on inside, you can’t help but draw in on yourself during these last few months.

I’m coming to terms with this. Like a blazing fire that pulls at you on a chilly winter night…I’ve decided nesting is just what it says it is. Making your home into a warm and secure refuge. For you, for your husband, for your child – a place that is alluring and safe. And peaceful for all.

2.) Stay Creative

Do something creative today. Take time to write in your journal, paint a new picture for the baby’s room, dance in your kitchen, try a recipe you’ve never made before – whatever your creative spirit desires – give into it. So much of your energy is pulled toward that life inside. It’s nice to take a few moments of the day and focus on the life outside.

3.) Cry If You Want To!

Well…it’s happening. Perhaps the hormones are getting stronger and stronger, or perhaps we are just mourning the loss (or gain?) of another 10 pounds on the scale.

Either way, the tears and emotions are so close these days aren’t they? Try to ride the wave of feelings as best you can, but don’t hold it in. If you feel like crying, cry! Let those salty tears cleanse you from the inside out – you will feel washed clean, and you will breathe so much easier after they pass.

You are so strong! A warrior Goddess does not have to ignore her feminine, emotional side. It is learning to cope and to ride these waves that make us stronger and fiercer in the end.

4.) Say Your Positive Affirmations Every Day

How do we state positive affirmations as if they already exist? It’s more than just putting an assertive spin to your thoughts – it is truly believing in your dreams, in yourself, before they are actual reality.

“Ask yourself how you would feel if your wishes were granted, and then allow yourself to internalize that emotional state.” ~Madisyn Taylor, Daily Om

The idea is that if we can find that emotional state, truly feel it in our bones, then the universe recognizes it as reality, and your visions as fact! So. What affirmations about this baby, your new life, can you believe today? It’s a whole new world.

Meditation: Positive Affirmation
I am strong, I am beautiful, I am life. Close your eyes and start to breathe deeply. Repeat those three phrases several times as you feel yourself relaxing and believing what you are saying. Keep going, Mama. Keep going.

Zen out even more, mama, with your 3 free meditation exercises designed specifically for your 3rd trimester. Enter info below to receive the PDF!


5.) Combat Stress and Anxiety by Stretching

A woman holds stress and anxiety in her hip joints. So it is natural to assume that how you are feeling toward labor and childbirth is reflected in how sore your hips are. The tension will pool, collect, and become stagnant…trapping all those negative thoughts inside you.

Combat these feelings and free up anxiety by stretching out this area. Try pigeon pose, or cobblers pose to help you release tension today. Breathe in peace and courage, focusing on the hip joints. Imagine this cleansing breath swirling and soothing around the tension. Then acknowledge the fears and worries that are out of your control and breathe them out…sending them far away, sweeping the achiness with them. And leaving peace and calm in its wake.

At Prenatal Yoga!

6.) Cultivate Calm

We cannot bring to the world what we don’t have within us. Or think about it this way: we cannot teach our children what we haven’t yet learned.

If you want to raise a peaceful child, you have to learn how to cultivate peace within yourself. If you want to raise a confident child, you have to learn to master confidence within yourself.

It’s so simple, yet it feels like constant chaos, doesn’t it? We are a never ending work in progress – don’t stop learning and changing, so you can bring the best to the next generation.

7.) Distract Yourself!

Distracting yourself may keep you sane during this last stage of pregnancy. Bonus points if you find a healthy way to do so! I’m looking at you, pancakes.

Here’s a fun one: Think of all the cheesy pregnancy movies that you watched before you were pregnant. At the time, we didn’t truly understand what those women were going through. Guess what? Now you’ll know every inside joke.

So queue up Father of The Bride Part II or What To Expect When You’re Expecting and have a movie marathon this weekend. You’ll laugh and cry – ah that music in Father of The Bride – and it’s not so close to your due date that the delivery will make you decide to keep that baby inside you forever.

Remember, it’s Hollywood! They take major dramatic liberties…right? RIGHT?

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Second Trimester Pregnancy Tips

September 27, 2016

*All of these tips and tricks are from The Daily Soul Sessions for the Pregnant Mama book – available on Amazon now. There are 280 soul sessions. One for every day of this crazy, wild ride called pregnancy! Stay positive, stay creative, stay you even as everything around you is changing…


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Welcome to your Second Trimester!

Fireworks! Backflips! Cheers! All things you should do when you reach your second trimester. Well, maybe leave the backflips to your partner.

Congratulations, Mama. All the horrors of the first trimester, including nausea, exhaustion, general ickiness should be subsiding. You are starting to feel more like your old self, just with an amazing miracle growing inside you!

So read on for tips and tricks to remember during weeks 14-27 to make this pregnancy as comfortable and special as possible.

If you’re still in your 1st trimester, check out tips to get you through HERE. And if you’re a lucky duck who is in her third trimester, click HERE.

Want to know the 5 things I do Every Single Day to help get my mind right, my soul steady, and my creativity flowing? Check out my 5 Step Daily Pregnancy Routine – HERE!

Second Trimester Pregnancy Tips

1.) Reset Your Mindset

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” -Anne Lamott.

Now that you have reached this new milestone, it’s time to reset your mind, body, and spirit. You owe it to yourself and your baby (and probably your husband and best friend!) to cleanse yourself of the past 13 weeks and start fresh. Only you can do that, though. Go to a prenatal yoga class, meditate, breathe, pray, take a walk and reset.

2.) Find The Magic

We all just need more magic and spirit in our life. It’s that simple, really. 

What inspires you?  Causes you to dream?  Keeps you faithful? Puts a smile on your face that starts deep down in your soul?  Is it the ocean?  An artist?  A favorite book?

Sometimes I get bogged down in the daily routine of my life, and I have to stop and remember what fuels my inner pilot light. If I get distracted from that, I feel it in a negative way.  

But honestly we should never feel “stuck” during this incredibly “unstuck” time in our lives.  Never before have we experienced this much daily change. So go ignite that pilot light today…what are you waiting for? Can’t find the light? Start a morning journaling practice and/or MEDITATE!

Download your free meditation worksheet and be diligent in practicing every day.



3.) Smile

Ever heard of the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it?” Or how about pasting a smile on your face when all you want to do is frown. They say a person who even forces a smile on blue days will ultimately be happier than the person who sulks the hours away. Because the smile will win out in the end. That’s a fact.

4.) Laugh With Gals In Your Same Boat

Seek out other pregnant women. It’s a lovely and entertaining club you are now initiated into…if you let it be.

Shrug off unwanted advice or chatter that doesn’t suit you, and focus instead on the friends who inspire you, the friends who make you laugh your way through this often times hysterical adventure.

There is nothing better than a good belly massaging and soul smiling laugh.  And if it makes you feel this good…imaging how the little nugget is feeling too.


5.) Face Your Fear

“A little bit of fear never hurt anyone…”.  A classic saying.  What are you afraid of today?

Fear can motivate us, paralyze us, piss us off, or just exhaust us.  What are you afraid of today?  Stretch marks?  The health of the sweet baby growing inside you?  Perhaps it’s a fear of losing the life you led before.

It could be a million different things, but for today, for right now, pick one.  Pick one fear and dwell on it for just a few moments.  Acknowledge this fear to yourself, your heart and soul, and watch what happens.

Life will always be full of challenges sowing seeds of doubt that creep in to hinder you on your journey.  The more we can see these fears, identify with them, let them have their moment, the easier we can begin to breathe through them…and send them on their way.

6.) Be Grateful

Being grateful immediately releases your mind from a negative focus.  Some days are harder than others to stay light.  The hormones can so easily take over and take control, and to what purpose?

When I feel the negative thoughts begin to win out, I immediately start mentally listing all the things I am grateful for.  From the biggest love to the smallest lavender plant in my garden…I change my thoughts.

And my focus shifts.  Every time.

Whatever was bothering me cannot survive in that happy place. So start that gratitude journal. Every night before you go to bed, write down one thing you are grateful for today. Just one. You’ll fall asleep with a smile on your face, I promise.

7.) Don’t Compare

Comparing ourselves to other pregnant mamas may be one of the worst symptoms we experience in these 9 months. And now is the time it can get really ugly.

Our amazing tummies start to pop, and every single one of us pops differently. It is so hard to simply let go and just enjoy. Just enjoy the amazing organ that is our uterus and never, not once, ever compare ourselves to someone else.

And yet we do. So many of us out there waste precious seconds, minutes, hours on feeling not good enough, not skinny enough (we are pregnant, eh hem), that our bodies aren’t changing the way we want them to…

“There is no other organ quite like the uterus. If men had such an organ they would brag about it. So should we” -Ina May Gaskin

You and me…we are experiencing a miracle. Enjoy being a part of the miracle.

Second Trimester Pregnancy Tips

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