How To Make Playdough

January 24, 2020


Making playdough at home is actually quite easy once you just dive in and try it! It’s also non-toxic – meaning those little toddlers COULD eat it and be juuuuuust fine. Check out the recipe below:

How To Make Playdough

You’ll need
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
4 tsp  cream of tartar
2 cups water
4 tbsp vegetable oil
food coloring if desired

Mix the dry ingredients together. Gradually stir the liquid ingredients into the dry ingredients. Cook over medium heat in a big pot, stirring constantly until the mixture forms a ball. Remove from heat. When cool enough to touch, knead until smooth. Store in a plastic baggy or airtight container.

We make this for our preschool class often. It also makes a great party favor gift for birthday parties. Or it is nice to have some on hand for when your kids want to play with some dough! It doesn’t dry out as quickly as normal play doh, and the color options are endless when you use your own non-toxic food coloring. Feel free to get creative, mama! Your kids will love making this with you!


Valentine’s Day Craft-Picture Frame

February 8, 2019

Is there anything cuter than a homemade gift from our kids on a holiday? Even better when we help them make it and send it to a loved one, grandparent, or friend. These cute little picture frames are simple to make and are sure to be a hit when given as a gift. Add these delish valentine’s treats to the mix – DONE! Or if chocolate is your jam…make these brownies!

Valentine's Day Craft

Things you will need:

  • Jumbo Wood Craft Sticks
  • Multi Colored Buttons
  • Felt Hearts
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue sticks.
  • Picture of your kiddos


Valentine's Day Kid Craft DIY gift

Putting these together is a pretty basic craft-which is great for this mama, because crafting ain’t always my thing ūüôā Glue four craft sticks together at the corners to make a square/rectangle. Once glue has dried you can start attaching buttons and hearts as you’d like. We kind of created a pattern together, but if you let your kiddo do all the placement I’m sure it will be equally as cute.¬† Once everything has dried attach a photo on the back side to be seen through the opening, and you are done.¬† Super cute, and a fun craft to do together on a snowy day.

Valentine's Day Craft




Super Bowl Party: Recipes and Crafts!

January 29, 2019


Super Bowl Party Ideas Recipes Crafts DIY

It’s that time again…biggest Sunday of the year! And no, I’m not referring to the football game ūüôā I’m talking about WHAT FOOD ARE WE GOING TO MAKE FOR SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! To eat during the game so that we don’t miss the commercials, obvi.

Check out some of our favorite dips and snacks to make for any super bowl party – or even a kid friendly Football Birthday Party!

Pigs In A Blanket Recipe for Super Bowl Party ideas

Pigs In A Blanket

Pigs in a blanket are always a hit! This one is fun to make with your kids, too. Check out our recipe HERE, and bonus points for plating them in the shape of a football, with mustard “laces” on top!

Sausage Dip Jimmy Dean Super Bowl Party

Jimmy Dean Sausage Dip

Delicious with Fritos! This one is a huge hit every time I make it. Recipe HERE.

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe Super Bowl Party

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Fun take on the classic wing dip sauce flavor! Serve this with pitas, veggies, corn chips, crackers- really anything! See recipe HERE.

Football Brownies Recipe Super Bowl Party

Football Brownies

I feel like these are pretty much self explanatory! YUM. Find recipe HERE.

Football Mason Jar Craft DIY for Super Bowl Party

And make these adorable DIY Football Mason Jars with the kids, too! They can easily paint the whole jar, and you can dive into the details if you’d like. Check out the DIY HERE.


Football Mason Jar Craft DIY for Super Bowl Party


Football Mason Jar Craft DIY for Super Bowl Party

This craft is so cute, and so much fun to do with kids! Do you have as many mason jars and empty jelly jars laying around your house as I do? Just waiting to be used or filled? Or have you already Marie Kondo’d them out of your house!? Well, if you haven’t, grab them up and get ready to paint!

These are so cute for a football birthday themed party or even for your upcoming Super Bowl Party! You can fill the jars with utensils, straws, whatever you need to corral for the party on your table.

Football Mason Jar Craft

Mason Jars
Acrylic Paint (this paint sticks the best to the glass!)
paint brushes


1.) Paint outside of jar with paint – this step is great for your kids to do!

2.) Add details once initial coat is painted. See photo for inspiration! I’ve seen the referee jar with a whistle tied around the lid…so cute

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, HIKE! Happy painting, mama!

Classic Fall Thanksgiving Table Decorations

November 20, 2018


Classic Fall Thanksgiving Table Decorations

This is one of my favorite Thanksgiving Tables we have done. The idea started with the colors dusty turquoise and burnt orange. And it quickly spiraled in to this!

For this table top, we laid a runner of burlap down and layered a narrower runner of dusty turquoise on top. Both pieces of fabric we purchased at Hobby Lobby. Then the fun part begins – scavenging for candles, fruit, nuts, candle holders, leaves in burnt orange, rusty red, yellows.

Classic Fall Thanksgiving Table Decorations

We gathered leaves and branches from my parents’ yard that we placed in different vases and urns. As you can see, we used some antique brass and some turquoise sea glass for vessels.

Classic Fall Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Classic Fall Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Apples made an appearance too! We filled bowls and scattered pretty apples all across the table. Then we included burnt orange candles and cream colored tapers to set the mood.

Classic Fall Thanksgiving Table Decorations

We decorated each place setting with a real, fall leaf from outside. You could even write each guest’s name on the leaf with a ball point paint pen.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Check out our other Thanksgiving ideas through the years:

Moss green + cobalt blue Thanksgiving table decorations

DIY Gratitude Quote Place Cards

Thanksgiving Fall Wreath

Thanksgiving ¬†Appetizer “Turkey” Veggie Tray

DIY Thanksgiving Table Place Cards: Gratitude Quotes

November 19, 2018


Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Did you see our “how to” for this gorgeous Moss Green and Cobalt Blue Thanksgiving Tablescape decor? It’s so rustic and home-y feeling!

As we said then, candles and colors aside, it’s important to remember why we all come together on Thanksgiving. Last year we tied quotes of gratitude and thankfulness onto sprigs of rosemary and stems of pears and set one on each plate. Every quote was different – some funny, some serious, some famous, some unknown. Each person read their quote out loud during dinner. It was a lovely way to celebrate the season and be ever mindful of the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Gratitude Quotes DIY

Google “thankfulness quotes”, “thanksgiving quotes”,¬†“Gratitude quotes” or any combination of the above and pick out your favorites.
Hand write or print out the quotes (in small text) on paper.
Roll up quote in a scroll-like fashion.
Tie scroll onto a sprig of rosemary or a stem of a piece of fruit with colorful ribbon.

We are celebrating Thanksgiving all week long – check back for more inspiration!


Also, take a peek at our Classic Fall Thanksgiving Table Decorations¬†and this adorable Thanksgiving “Turkey” Veggie Tray, too!

Moss Green + Cobalt Blue Thanksgiving Table Decorations


Thanksgiving Table Decorations

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was,¬†“thank you,”¬†that would suffice. ¬†~Meister Eckhart

Thanksgiving.  A day to reflect on all the blessings we have in our lives and be grateful to God who makes it all possible.  It really is such a beautiful holiday Рone I wish I lived more consciously every day.

Our Thanksgiving table has always been a fun project that my whole family creates together.  Each year we try to top the year before, or at least come up with something completely different.

Behold Рour moss green and cobalt blue inspired Thanksgiving tablescape! This table top is super rustic and colorful. The deep blue and green compliment all the Thanksgiving food so well! We scavenged for anything blue or green: candles, vases, candle holders, napkins, plates. Then we added in some rustic wood elements in candle holders and chargers. We purchased a couple bags of green moss from Hobby Lobby.

But candles and colors aside, it’s important to remember why we all come together on Thanksgiving. ¬†Last year we tied quotes of gratitude and thankfulness onto sprigs of rosemary and stems of pears and set one on each plate. ¬†Every quote was different – some funny, some serious, some famous, some unknown. ¬† Each person read their quote out loud during dinner. ¬†It was a lovely way to celebrate the season and be ever mindful of the spirit of Thanksgiving. CLICK HERE to see how to make these DIY Gratitude Name Cards.

We are celebrating Thanksgiving all week long Рcheck back for more inspiration! Like our other table idea: Classic Fall Thanksgiving Table Decorations


Thanksgiving Table Decorations

DIY Fall Thanksgiving Wreath

November 5, 2018


Fall Thanksgiving Wreath DIY

This DIY fall wreath is perfect for Thanksgiving. Welcome your guests to your home with a festive first impression! Not only does it look lovely on your door, it also makes a gorgeous centerpiece for a table…just lay the wreath flat and position candles and food around it.

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays of the year. It kicks off that “most wonderful time” of the year, right? ¬†I love when Fall hits, and every month is full of festivities, decorating, cooking, and celebrating. ¬†Thanksgiving is such a great holiday – there’s no pressure to buy presents, just getting together with family and friends to celebrate all that we are thankful for.

DIY Thanksgiving Fall Wreath
you’ll need:
*Wreath frame (12 – 14″ depending on how big you want¬†
the wreath to be; we used a cardboard frame)
*burlap ribbon
*approximately 30 small indian corns
*hot glue and gun

1.  Wrap burlap ribbon around wreath frame to hide cardboard. Hot glue ends to frame.
2. ¬†Position corn around wreath first – don’t glue yet.
3.  Slowly hot glue the corn to wreath, trying to keep the opening circle in the center as perfectly round as possible.
4. ¬†Hang your wreath! ¬†Once it’s up, you can judge if any of the corn needs to be repositioned to make the center circle more perfectly round. ¬†It’s very simple to pop off the corn, reposition, and re-glue.

What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions? Decorating the table is a big one of ours. Honestly, this wreath may be the shining star of the table this year. You could even make 2 smaller ones to sit on either side of this big wreath on the table. Add a little height with candles and food, but as you know, you don’t want anything that blocks eye sight or conversation. So these flat wreaths would be ideal!

Stay tuned for more fun Thanksgiving DIY’s and table decoration ideas – like this adorable Thanksgiving “Turkey” Veggie Tray that will steal the show at any party you arrive at!


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DIY Fall Thanksgiving Wreath


Allergy Bomb Roller Ball Recipe

September 24, 2018


Allergy Bomb Essential Oil Roller Ball Recipe

I love this essential oil allergy bomb roller ball recipe!

Especially because my allergies are OUT OF CONTROL right now. Anyone else struggling? I used my Young Living Oils to make this allergy bomb roller ball recipe – and I’ve been using it every day!

Most importantly, the peppermint helps open up my nasal passages. And the lavender is so soothing…just the first whiff of lavender can relax me more than anything else! Perfect for when I’m trying to reset my day or change my mindset quickly!

I actually roll a little of the oil combo on my finger and rub it inside my nose when I can’t breathe at all. Then I roll some on my forehead, over the bridge of my nose, temples, pretty much everywhere. Can I bathe in it, too?


Allergy Bomb Roller Ball Recipe

15 drops each of essential Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint Oil
Carrier oil

Carefully drop your oils in your roller ball. Then fill the rest of the way with a carrier oil of your choice – I used grapeseed oil, but fractionated coconut oil is a winner too.

Here’s to sneeze free days!


PS: Did you know that our books are on sale on Amazon right now!? I’m not sure how long Amazon will keep this discount up, so head on over and scoop up your copies! They make sweet gifts, too! Especially for your mama friends who need a little extra boost right now – and which one of us doesn’t!

Cinco De Mayo Sombrero Craft For Kids

April 30, 2018


It’s almost Cinco De Mayo, so obviously it’s time to do a kid craft!

We all remember this fun holiday well…pre kids.

Margaritas and tacos for lunch at your favorite local cantina followed by some Coronas on a patio with all your best pals. Not a care in the world, and if you had a few too many it was alllllll good because you could nurse your hangover in bed, or on the couch, or maybe even with the hair of the dog at brunch the next morning ūüėČ

Because…no kids. LOL

Cinco De Mayo Kid Craft

I realized that I haven’t really celebrated this day since my sweet little babes came along, so this year I wanted to them to get in on the fun as well…a different kind of fun perhaps, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Wait, who am I kidding…I could still go for the old kind of fun too.

Anyway, I ran into Michaels after school drop off this week and grabbed a few supplies to create these fun Sombreros to hang up while we have our little fiesta on Cinco De Mayo! No party is complete without decor, right? Depending on what time you start your crafting and if you need a little liquid courage to craft (there is glitter involved), you could definitely grab a Corona or a Marg (see our skinny Margarita Recipe here!). It might get your creative juices flowing! Just saying.

(See craft instructions below!)

Cinco De Mayo Kid Craft

Gather up all your decorating supplies:

1.) Construction paper, poster board, or foam paper will all work to cut out your Sombrero

2.) Scissors
3.) Mini pom-poms, tissue paper, stickers, glitter (if you dare), pipe cleaners, sequins, beads.
4.) Glue stick – because who has time to use actual glue that gets everywhere and takes a year to dry.

Cinco De Mayo Kid Craft


1.) Cut out your Sombrero. If your kiddo is good with the scissors you can draw the pattern and let them cut it out ūüôā
2.) Decorate!