Surrender To What Is…

Inspiring quotes, positivity, mindfulness

Life is a journey that ebbs and flows. We try so hard to be in constant control but that need for control is setting us up for failure. Take a deep breath in and know that where we are, is right where we are supposed to be. Exhale and release the stress and anxiety. Right now… this moment……Surrender to what is.

So many things don’t go as we’ve planned. We fail, we hurt ourselves and those we love, we lose sight of our dreams. So much time is spent thinking about what could have been. What if I stayed in that relationship? What if I got that job? What if I had taken that chance years ago? We will never have the answers to any of those questions, so why do we waste precious time thinking about the past. Let go of what was-it’s freeing.

Have faith in what will be. There are bright, beautiful things ahead. Have faith in what will be.