Soothe Your Soul and Style with PinkBlush Maternity and Essential Oils!

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Isn’t it fun when things just come together to work out in the most awesome way? The perfect song plays at just the moment you need it, a friend checks in right when you think of her, the kids all go to bed at the same time – you know – the important stuff. I had recently been pinteresting some new cute maternity clothes for expecting mamas, and I came across the most inspiring website… Are you ready for it?

Mamas. Have you checked out PinkBlush Maternity yet? If not, stop reading this post immediately and Check. Them. Out. I asked my sisters if they had seen their clothes, and Kate informed me we were actually going to collaborate with them on our upcoming photo shoot for The Daily Soul Sessions!

Cue everything coming together to work out in the most awesome way.

I don’t know about you, but there are few things in life that stress me out more than coming up with color and style schemes for a multi person photo shoot. Even after all those years on the road touring and putting together photo shoots – it still wears me out! But the awesome peeps at PinkBlush hooked us up with pops of spring and dashes of style! I am in love with their clothes – and the best part?? The best part is that a majority of their materials, fits, and styles work for prenatal, post natal, before you’re preggo, during those crazy nine months – whenever!

Check out these three looks. The mint and navy maxi dress that I (Kacey) have on will serve me for many of the first months of pregnancy (it’s actually a maternity maxi dress!) – whenever that time comes again. Kate’s adorable coral tribal print dress is fantastic with a skinny belt, but also perfectly free flowing to show off a someday baby bump! And Kara’s Aqua Abstract Kimono is delightfully colorful and can work at any stage of your stylish life! We are so excited to share the awesome maternity clothes/non-maternity clothes from PinkBlushMaternity with y’all!

Maternity clothes, bump style, pregnancy tips, healthy pregnancy

Anyhoo. We had the pleasure of creating our first Daily Soul Sessions photo shoot with the lovely and talented Sarah Guibord a couple of weeks ago when we were back home in Colorado. I love essential oils and am just starting to turn Kara into a huge fan. It’s just how sisterly peer pressure works:) We needed some different concepts for the photo shoot, so Kate and I decided to teach Kara how to make a few of my favorite and simple Oil Blends for rollerballs and room sprays. Favorite because they smell delicious and are extremely therapeutic. Simple because the oils we used almost all come with any starter kit you choose to begin with.

Between the clothes, the babes running around in the background, and the essential oils this photo shoot turned out great! We’ll share more photos soon, but for now I want to leave you with a couple Essential Oils recipes, friends.

De-stress Rollerball Recipe
using these 10mL dark amber glass roller
10 drops Frankincense
10 drops Lavender
10 drops Panaway (substitute Peppermint)
Fill 3/4 with your favorite carrier oil (I like this Fractionated Coconut Oil)
*Frankincense is also known for it’s Anti Aging properties*
Add a dap to those fine lines and watch them start to disappear guys!

Purify Room Spray or Linen Spray
using these 2oz dark amber glass spray bottle
10 drops Lavender
10 drops Purification.
Then add 2/3 Distilled Water and 1/3 Witch Hazel (substitute Alcohol)
Spritz to purify room or on bed linens for freshening!

Maternity clothes, bump style, pregnancy tips, healthy pregnancy

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Cheers, Mamas!!!