The One Thing Your Future Depends On…

“The future depends on what you do today.”
~Mahatma Ghandi

The future depends on what you do today.

I read this quote this morning, and even though I’ve read it before, something about seeing it today literally stopped me in my tracks.

It is so easy to let all the days blend together right now—with littles at home running us ragged, we are lucky if we survive till the end of the day with only a few minor injuries and a house still standing! And yes, I’m joking—but also really not joking!

Motherhood is NO JOKE. And if we don’t purposefully spend time on our personal goals and dreams, time will slip away from us.

And before you tell me that you feel guilty spending time on yourself right now, let me just ask this: What do you want for your children? Do you want them to set goals and follow their passions? Do you want them to live mindful, confident, and positive lives? Do you want them to truly know themselves so that they understand how beautiful and unique it is to follow their dreams? And not simply succumb to the pressure and peers around them?

You are your kids’ first role model.

Kids learn from example. And role models are essential. YOU are their first role model. If they don’t learn these essential skills from you, who will they learn it from?

The days are long, but the years are short right now. And time flies by faster and faster with each one. So let’s not let them slip away. Let’s mindfully approach each and every day. Let’s make a plan for TODAY, because your future depends on it…

We can do this! What is one thing you are going to do today to get you closer to your dream life? First thing off the top of your head…aaaaand….go!

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