How To Create A Healthy Morning Routine For Moms


How To Create a Healthy Morning Routine For Moms

Isn’t it amazing how our days can feel inspiring or hard based on how the first few minutes of the day turn out? It’s time to take charge of your days, mama. We are the heroines of our own lives – we definitely need to start believing that and knowing that we deserve positive, inspiring, uplifting days. EVEN WHEN they are hard days! With just a few adjustments and mindsets, we can 100% choose and control how we approach our lives. We can choose to be joyful about it!

So here we go – my 5 step healthy morning routine for moms. I really make an effort to do these 5 things each and every day. I can tell when I don’t. My day just doesn’t start off the way I want it to. (Are you pregnant? Click Here to see my 5 Step Morning Pregnancy Routine.)

Step 1: Wake Up 30 Minutes Before Your Kids

I know. This one is HARD. Trust me, I really know! My 4 year old daughter sleeps late. My 2 year old son does not. He loves to wake up at 5:45am. AHHHHHHHHRGH. So this one is a struggle for me. We are working on getting him to sleep later – and some mornings he makes it to 6:30 or 6:45am! Hallelujah! But generally, I try to wake up around 5:30am so I have a few quiet, precious moments to myself. It is so much better to set your own wake up time, than to be woken up by your children!

Step 2: Read Something Inspiring

Either read your Daily Soul Sessions or a passage from another inspiring book! I actually read my Daily Soul Session for Every Mama book each morning (well, right now I’m reading the one for Pregnant Mamas because I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant!) AND then I read my First 5 devotion. First 5 is an awesome Christian app geared toward women. The idea is to spend your first 5 minutes of the day digging into the Bible. I love it!  Need some more inspiring book ideas? Check out Maria Shriver’s book, Sally Kempton’s Yoga book, Jedidiah Jenkins’ travel and self discovery memoir, this book on overcoming fear and creating a life of magic, this book on a doctors incredible NDE, and YES, just YES to The Four Agreements.

Step 3: Finish A Full Glass Of Water

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! They say so many of our small “issues” each day (headaches, dry skin, ability to concentrate, exhaustion, etc) can be improved with upping our water intake. So I find that by keeping a full glass of water on my nightstand and finishing it before I even stand up starts my hydration journey in the right direction. I also find that drinking water out of straws makes it go down waaaaaaay faster! I end up drinking more water when I use a straw than when I have to unscrew a bottle or cap. Random, I know, but true! Maybe the extra intake of water will outweigh the lip wrinkles “they” say we get from drinking with a straw. It’s always something 🙂 This one from is super cute! Or these cups…I like the ones where I can see how much water I’m takin in!

Step 4: Make Your Bed

There is a popular facebook video from a decorated war general where he talks about the importance of making your bed. It starts your day in an orderly, organized fashion. It’s fairly therapeutic to just go through the mindless motion. You can even spend those 3 minutes in gratitude – saying thank you to God for all of your blessings! And then every time you head into your room, there is one thing that is organized amidst all the rest of your chaos! Write down the thoughts you have to make even more of an impact – this journal is gorgeous.

how to create a morning routine for moms

Step 5: Do Some Yoga Or Write In Your Journal (or both!)

The last step is to do something for myself that I can do until the kids wake up. Stretching and sun salutations are always beneficial and make me feel better. But so does writing. We are big advocates of writing in a journal every single day – in fact, if you need some writing inspiration, check out our 10 Minute Journal Prompts for Moms we have available on Etsy! It’s 30 days worth of journal ideas to start your writing adventure. Writing helps get all the cobwebs out of your brain so you can start discovering your creative thoughts underneath all the noise.

10 minute journal prompts for moms