Football Mason Jar Craft DIY for Super Bowl Party


Football Mason Jar Craft DIY for Super Bowl Party

This craft is so cute, and so much fun to do with kids! Do you have as many mason jars and empty jelly jars laying around your house as I do? Just waiting to be used or filled? Or have you already Marie Kondo’d them out of your house!? Well, if you haven’t, grab them up and get ready to paint!

These are so cute for a football birthday themed party or even for your upcoming Super Bowl Party! You can fill the jars with utensils, straws, whatever you need to corral for the party on your table.

Football Mason Jar Craft

Mason Jars
Acrylic Paint (this paint sticks the best to the glass!)
paint brushes


1.) Paint outside of jar with paint – this step is great for your kids to do!

2.) Add details once initial coat is painted. See photo for inspiration! I’ve seen the referee jar with a whistle tied around the lid…so cute

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, HIKE! Happy painting, mama!