Favorite Books I’m Currently Reading…


What are my favorite books I’m reading right now? Besides the book I wrote!? Ha! Jk, jk. I’m a GIANT book nerd and proud of it. Where my fellow book nerds at?

Ok, onto the good stuff. First up is my soulful book of the month:

A Book For Your Soul:

I just finished Gabrielle Bernstein’s newest – Judgment Detox. It’s a fast read but full of awesome advice and tips on how to get rid of all the judgment in your life. Judgment basically comes down to negativity; any bad or negative thought you have toward yourself or someone else is only hurting you. Learning how to forgive yourself for these thoughts, how to move past them quickly, and how to change the thought to something better is key to living your happiest, highest vibration life!

I try to read a couple of pages of my soulful or self-help book every day during my morning routine. It honestly is a game changer—in fact, I can tell that days don’t start as positively and go as smoothly if I haven’t take “me” time!

A Book For Whimsy:

Kacey has been re-reading Diana Gabaldon’s epic Outlander saga! Yes, the WHOLE THING. If you haven’t read these books yet…well, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. They are so wonderful, so adventurous, and they have such awesome characters. The TV series on STARZ ain’t so bad either (hello, Sam Heughan!!!!).

A Book For Your Brain

I’m a self-professed fanatic of the musical Hamilton. It’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen—from the stage movement, to choreography, to the blend of all genres of music! SO great. My in-laws gave me this book, Hamilton: The Revolution, over Christmas and I devoured it! It has behind the scenes looks at how the entire show was made, from start to finish. PLUS it has Lin Manuels own commentary alongside lyrics to each song…fascinating!

A Book For Your Work

Carrie Green’s book She Means Business is extremely inspiring. It helps you find the courage to actually start that business or push on through the dark times. It also has a ton of tips, tricks, advice, and practical applications for any business, creative or not. LOVE it.

Happy reading my lovely!