Experience Solitude…

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This is hard for me. Maybe because I am an identical twin, a mom, and connected to social media the way most everyone is these days. I am not used to being alone. I’ve never been alone. From the very very beginning – in my mama’s belly – I was not alone. I was sharing a tiny space with another human being. So like I said, making a conscious decision to find solitude is hard for me.

But we have to try. We have to put the phone down, we have to carve out time in the day, we have to say no to people – and find some moments to just get in touch with our souls. When I am feeling a little run down, a little frustrated, a little confused about where my day should take me – I try to find some solitude. Just a few moments to meditate, pray, breathe and let my thoughts catch up with the whir of the world. Do you ever notice that when you finally disconnect from facebook, twitter – all of it – you actually feel better? The constant grind of keeping up with so many people’s lives is exhausting. Come back to yourself, your soul – and your truths come back as well.

Just take a few moments and acknowledge your fears or worries today. I promise the second you do, you can then let them go and your whole self will be lighter and brighter.

Find your solitude…and find your soul.