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Good morning Mamas!

How did everyone enjoy their loooooooong weekend? All 3 of us had lovely weekends – lots of family and friend time. Could have used a little more sleep time!

First I want to share with y’all our first podcast interview. Kristen, the incredible founder of www.NaturalBirthandBabyCare.com, interviewed us recently for her inspiring and informative (and extremely popular!) podcast. It’s live so please go check it out here:


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We had such a great time chatting with Kristen, discussing those magical 9 months and how to find oodles of inspiration every day!

Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Who hasn’t wondered before a missed period if they might be pregnant this month!? It’s such a wild, emotional time – trying to have a baby. And crazy enough, most early signs of pregnancy feel just like you’re about to get your period.

But when we’re trying to have a baby, clinging to these small signs mean everything to us! So here is your little cheat sheet of early signs of pregnancy. Every month is a new chance to make a miracle. And when in doubt, lady, just go pee on a stick 🙂

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