Pregnancy is not new to this world. But it is new to you…

“In a way you are being more creative now than you ever have been before. You are the artist of a brand new life. Even though you aren’t physically holding a paintbrush, a microphone, a camera, or a pen, you are building and nourishing and giving life to a brand new soul. How cool is that? Less than half the people on this planet can say that. So smile and give the world a little bit of that creative, beautiful knowledge today.”
~17 Weeks, 2 Days

The Daily Soul Sessions for the Pregnant Mama is a collection of daily inspirations for all thrilled, shocked, excited, and delighted Mamas To Be. It’s a book about you, for you. There are 280 soul sessions – one for every day of this crazy, wild ride called pregnancy. This book is a reminder to live every day in the moment, forget the past, and focus on the positive. It’s not a how-to or a guide to have the perfect pregnancy. It’s inspiration…a spiritual cup of coffee for the exact phase of your pregnancy. It’s a daily dose of soul, so you’ll greet every day grinning at the world, spewing light and life until everyone around you wants to know your secret.

These are The Daily Soul Sessions. Welcome, Mama! Review

9c15ca_67264fd626f349fe9691258d8caa3280The Daily Soul Sessions For The Pregnant Mama: A Daily Dose of Soul and Inspiration for all Thrilled, Shocked, Excited, Delighted Mamas To Be! by Kacey Coppola Morreale, Kate Coppola Leiva, and Kara Coppola Schmahl is a comforting read for all mothers-to-be which will make them feel special and cherish themselves at the beginning of this special journey in their lives. The book reminds them to take a moment every day and celebrate themselves. The author’s tips and techniques give all pregnant women inspiration on how to handle their pregnancy and make it perfect. The daily soul sessions are a reminder that one should celebrate their beauty as they are creating another life inside them.

The book reaches out to all pregnant women and the authors’ words connect well with readers, making it easy to incorporate the suggestions into their lives during pregnancy. It’s a challenging and inspiring read. Each one’s experience during pregnancy differs but the book motivates all pregnant ladies to look at their pregnancy with optimism and light. Pregnancy is a spiritual and emotional journey for all women and the authors beautifully capture the joy, laughter, stress, and tears that all expectant mothers experience. I recommend this book to all expectant mothers; it tells them what to expect and also how to handle all the emotions they go through during pregnancy. The book gives grace and positivity to all expectant mothers and helps them understand the beauty of creating a life while keeping their souls beautiful. An uplifting read to all the expectant mothers.

Amazon Reader Reviews

#5 On Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” in Pregnancy and Childbirth!

“It’s a challenging and inspiring read.
Each one’s experience during pregnancy differs but this book motivates
all pregnant ladies to look at their pregnancy with optimism and light.”

~5 Star Readers’ Favorite Review

“Reading The Daily Soul Sessions was like sitting with that friend
who makes you laugh and says the right thing when you need to hear it.”

~Ann Williams: Momprenuer and owner of Evermore Bracelets

“The Daily Soul Sessions reminds us to take a minute for
ourselves to become the best possible woman and mama that we can be.”

~Kate Lamaster: Music Publisher, Curb Music in Nashville, TN

“Reading positive tidbits before bed or first thing in the morning
will fill you up with endorphins and put mamas in the mindset
of Peace, Love, and Joy…all things that are so important in pregnancy :)”

~Patricia Grube, Doula and Prenatal Yoga Teacher

“I read this amazing book during my whole pregnancy!
It was sweet, funny, inspiring, and really helped me stay connected
to what a spiritual journey pregnancy can be! Check it out!”

~Chelsea Rothert: Yoga Teacher, Doula, and Childbirth Educator

“This book makes the perfect gift for any expectant mother!
I wish I had such inspiration when I was having my
children years ago. Brilliant idea from creative women
expressed on beautiful pages.”

~Verified Amazon Buyer

“…A great reminder that you are not alone in this journey.”
~Verified Amazon Buyer Reader Reviews

5 star review
Best Way to Start Your Morning!

I’m 7 months pregnant and this book has been such a special daily touchstone for this crazy ride of carrying a child… which sometimes can be beautiful and sometimes can be challenging. The Daily Soul Sessions offers a little insight into all my ups and downs and is my favorite way to start the morning. I keep it on my nightstand and check in with this and my pregnancy tracker app when I wake up. Highly recommend. Got it as a gift and am now giving it to all my newly pregnant friends as a sort of survival guide.

5 star review
Joy and fears so we can tackle each day

Starting or expanding a family can be a very emotional, and equally exciting and trying time. Daily Soul Sessions provides us mommas, mommas to be, aunties, and everyone in the middle a place to gain perspective and ground our worries, hopes, joy and fears so we can tackle each day!

5 star review
Don’t forget the mama soul

These ladies have hit the nail on the head. When i was going through my pregnancy i felt so alone, overhwlemed, and confused. This book helps you navigate through all your emotions whike inspiring you to be the best you and woman you can be. Yes, learning all the scientific side of pregnancy is important. But it’s one of the most spiritual and emotional journies a woman can embark on and these sisters capture the joy, laughter, tears, confusion and stress of it all and help nourish your mama soul. Dont forget to take care of the mama soul, gals. Without that energized, you cant nourish a new human being.

5 star review
I love this book and I’m not a mom

I love this book and I’m not a mom! I have tons of friends that are having kids and I’m always trying to think of a clever gift that is for the mom versus all the stuff they get for the baby. The messages are inspirational and some will even make you laugh! Regardless of the situation or type of experience/pregnancy, this really offers a daily bit of motivation and something for the mama! This is a perfect baby shower/sprinkle gift or even a “just because” gift for that friend or family member that is expecting!!

5 star review
The perfect baby gift

This book fits the bill! I’m always looking for a little something for THE Momma!! It’s unique and a great reminder that you are not alone in this journey.

5 star review
Five Stars

Wonderful inspiration to all expectant mothers. A perfect baby shower gift!!!!

5 star review
Instant Classic!

“Daily Soul Sessions” is a fantastic read for every mom to be! It was a daily reminder to pause and cherish every step of my pregnancy. It will instantly become a part of your daily routine, and is a perfect gift for pregnant friends or family!