Cinco De Mayo Sombrero Craft For Kids


It’s almost Cinco De Mayo, so obviously it’s time to do a kid craft!

We all remember this fun holiday well…pre kids.

Margaritas and tacos for lunch at your favorite local cantina followed by some Coronas on a patio with all your best pals. Not a care in the world, and if you had a few too many it was alllllll good because you could nurse your hangover in bed, or on the couch, or maybe even with the hair of the dog at brunch the next morning 😉

Because…no kids. LOL

Cinco De Mayo Kid Craft

I realized that I haven’t really celebrated this day since my sweet little babes came along, so this year I wanted to them to get in on the fun as well…a different kind of fun perhaps, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Wait, who am I kidding…I could still go for the old kind of fun too.

Anyway, I ran into Michaels after school drop off this week and grabbed a few supplies to create these fun Sombreros to hang up while we have our little fiesta on Cinco De Mayo! No party is complete without decor, right? Depending on what time you start your crafting and if you need a little liquid courage to craft (there is glitter involved), you could definitely grab a Corona or a Marg (see our skinny Margarita Recipe here!). It might get your creative juices flowing! Just saying.

(See craft instructions below!)

Cinco De Mayo Kid Craft

Gather up all your decorating supplies:

1.) Construction paper, poster board, or foam paper will all work to cut out your Sombrero

2.) Scissors
3.) Mini pom-poms, tissue paper, stickers, glitter (if you dare), pipe cleaners, sequins, beads.
4.) Glue stick – because who has time to use actual glue that gets everywhere and takes a year to dry.

Cinco De Mayo Kid Craft


1.) Cut out your Sombrero. If your kiddo is good with the scissors you can draw the pattern and let them cut it out 🙂
2.) Decorate!