Choose Joy

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They say control is an illusion. Or being in control, rather. At times I totally get that…many, many things in our lives are completely out of our control. But there is one thing that we really do have power over. And that is our reactions. How we respond, how we emotionally trigger, how we react to all the ups and downs in our life is in our control.

I tend to let the people I love the most hold a lot of power over me – how could I not? I value their opinions, I crave their approval. And because they love me in return, I know they don’t mean any harm when turmoil strikes. But knowing that doesn’t change how it makes me feel. So it is my daily work to continue to open my heart and react with patience, with humor, with a smile, with the knowledge that I dont have to fly off the handle this time.

I can choose joy instead. What do you choose?