Calling All Pregnant Mamas To Be!

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Ohhhhhh man, does this take me back. I cannot believe this was taken almost 20 months ago (Or in non-toddler talk, over a year and a half ago) after our Pre-Natal Yoga Class at Yoga Works in El Segundo with Patricia Anaya. Twin Yoga Mamas!

I can remember searching and searching for pregnancy books or apps that would give me the soul, mind, body connection I was desparate for during this time. And I simply could not find it. That is, until Kacey showed me her daily writings…her “daily soul sessions”, if you will. Like a bolt of lightning it hit me. THIS is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Reading her words every morning completely transformed my pregnancy. It made me pause everyday to recognize the miracle happening. It helped me calm my nerves and appreciate how beautiful this journey was.

I so encourage you, mama to be, go get a copy of The Daily Soul Sessions For The Pregnant Mama for yourself. You will not regret it, I promise.