Buon Giorno!

capuccino, italian way
photo from Pinterest.com

Buon Giorno! My heart is in Italy today. Only the Italians make their coffee an artistic event – they will look at you like you are crazy if you ask for “un caffe to go”. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed, talked over, experienced.

I remember when my family was racing to get to the Vatican for an early morning tour. We stumbled into the nearest cafe to get “un cappuccino to go” – so we could jump into a taxi and guzzle it on the way. Lesson #1 in the ways of the Italians ensued: even the taxi drivers wouldn’t let us in the cab until we’d finished our coffee. “Enjoy it!” they said, the vatican would still be there when we were done. So my family and I sat on the Spanish Steps right beside the taxi stand until we had enjoyed our morning cappuccinos – and each other – in the proper Italiano way. Fully and expressively.

My heart is in Italy today:)