The Best Motherhood Book: The Daily Soul Sessions For Every Mama


I desperately need the best motherhood book available because motherhood is NO JOKE.

It takes every ounce of grit, determination, imagination, courage, love, and soul we have. I need help every day—I need inspiration every day to remind me to choose positive thoughts, to choose to be a mindful mama…

That is what The Daily Soul Sessions For Every Mama book gives me. It gives me a few precious minutes each morning 100% dedicated to bringing my attention back to ME—the woman I was before I became a mother, the woman that is still there underneath all the other layers and labels that have been placed on me since having my first baby. There are 365 soul sessions, short daily inspirations to get your day started right.

What if you dedicated those few precious moments each day to uncovering more of your soul’s secrets, of your heart’s desires, of your weaknesses and strengths, of what you need to let go of and what you need more of in your life. Wouldn’t that feel wonderful?

This is a gift you can give yourself. And think about what it says to your family—to your children. You are showing them that the act of self-love, that fighting for what you yearn for, that letting go of what is no longer serving you and attracting more of what makes your soul sing are priorities in your life. And as their very first role model, that is an incredibly wonderful thing to do.

Spread the love to your friends and family, show them how focused and mindful you are now. Your light shines bright…