Be Present

inspirational quote, mindfulness, positivity, yoga“May our practice unlock the flow of past and future so that we may experience a very smooth moment in the present” – Elena Brower

I was practicing a class taught by Elena Brower on YogaGlo today and was quite honestly stunned into wonder at the end of it. At we sat in meditation she stated 4 very inspiring, intuitive, and illuminating thoughts. This was the first. I invite you to contemplate her words as you move through your day. Feel the energy around you flow smoothly, as this very second is now your past and the future second is now your present, and this second is now, once again, behind you….

Really all we have is this moment. Right now. Be present. Be grateful. Be positive today!

I’ll share her other 3 thoughts with you as the week progresses.

Namaste mamas!