Ask, Receive, Give, Trust.

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“May we practice asking, receiving, giving, and trusting today and every day.” – Elena Brower.

It’s our final “words of wisdom” from the yoga class I took by Elena Brower (through YogaGlo!) last week! Click through to last week’s posts to get an overview of ALL of these inspiring insights.

Ask. Receive. Give. Trust. When we are brave enough to ask for help, to ask for kindness, to ask for love, we will receive it. When we receive help, kindness, love we can’t help but pay it forward. Nothing feels as good as helping another. We were all born with unique and special gifts and it is our duty, it is our purpose here on earth to share our gift with the world. Small, big, unique, simple – every gift is needed.

And finally, trust. Trust is a tough one. It’s difficult to fully open yourself to trusting others and the world even if you’ve never been burned before – and even MORE if you have. But it’s worth it, mamas! Learn to trust yourself, others, God, and the world around you. The gifts you receive from that openess are worth it all.