An Exercise In Selflessness

inspirational quote, mindfulness, positivity, yoga

“May our actions make it less difficult for another today.” – Elena Brower

Another nugget of wisdom from my yoga practice yesterday! These 9 months are such an inward journey for us. Everything is happening internally to you (well, besides the external growth of certain regions :). It’s so easy – and natural! – to fall into a daily routine of looking inward to your little bean growing inside of you. And we feel every ache, pain, kick, jab, need to pee!, need to stretch, lack of sleep, exhaustion, elation…all of this we feel inside. (Is anyone else hearing the “Inside of You” song Russell Brand sings in Forgetting Sarah Marshall?? Sorry, sidenote!)

But what if today, we looked outside of ourselves? It might be a much needed and welcome break from the constant looking in. And maybe as you look up, you’ll see someone or something that needs your help or your love. Even as we are consumed with looking inward, sometimes the distraction of looking out is a welcome gift.

Cheers, lovelies xo