We are thrilled to let you know that our 30 Day Journaling Challenge for Mamas is finally available! Head on over to our

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And scoop up your copy today! Don’t let one more second pass you by – start reconnecting with your dreams and your goals As. Soon. As. Possible.

YOU are your kids’ very first role model. They are looking to you to show them how to find what they are passionate about, how to follow that dream, how to set goals, how to never give up – even in the midst of set back.

This journaling challenge will help you become that positive, mindful, inspiring mama! It will leave you feeling more refreshed, more determined, and more at peace with this awesome phase of your life.

That is what I personally love about these prompts. They really do make me think about all different aspects of my life, and they get me excited about my life, my goals, who I am as a woman…

Our 30 Day Challenge includes:

***30 engaging and thought provoking journaling prompts.

***Each prompt takes 10 minutes or less!
(So all of us busy mamas have no excuse! We can find 10 minutes in our day to focus on ourselves…)

***Corresponding worksheets for when a prompt calls for it.

***This is a printable PDF you download at home.
We recommend you print it out and then place your journal pages in a pretty 3 ring binder.

***The last page of your printable is a blank journal page (with paint splash artwork)
that you can print as many of as you want to add to your book.

Did you know studies have shown that writing down your thoughts every day is proving to benefit physical health? The British Journal of Health Psychology has found that writing about your emotions is actively lowering cortisol levels in your body. Journaling is also proven to “combat stress and relieve anxiety.”

Our 30 Day Journaling Challenge will help jumpstart your brand new life. Each prompt helps you dive just a little bit deeper into who you really are. Who you dream to be. Who you want your children to see everyday.

You are a creative, joyful, inspiring, driven, magical, whimsical woman. Uncover all of that and more – start today! Download your 30 Day Journaling Challenge now!

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Kacey, Kate, and Kara