Valentine’s Day Craft-Picture Frame

February 8, 2019

Is there anything cuter than a homemade gift from our kids on a holiday? Even better when we help them make it and send it to a loved one, grandparent, or friend. These cute little picture frames are simple to make and are sure to be a hit when given as a gift. Add these delish valentine’s treats to the mix – DONE! Or if chocolate is your jam…make these brownies!

Valentine's Day Craft

Things you will need:

  • Jumbo Wood Craft Sticks
  • Multi Colored Buttons
  • Felt Hearts
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue sticks.
  • Picture of your kiddos


Valentine's Day Kid Craft DIY gift

Putting these together is a pretty basic craft-which is great for this mama, because crafting ain’t always my thing 🙂 Glue four craft sticks together at the corners to make a square/rectangle. Once glue has dried you can start attaching buttons and hearts as you’d like. We kind of created a pattern together, but if you let your kiddo do all the placement I’m sure it will be equally as cute.  Once everything has dried attach a photo on the back side to be seen through the opening, and you are done.  Super cute, and a fun craft to do together on a snowy day.

Valentine's Day Craft




Valentine’s Rice Krispie Treats

February 6, 2019

It’s the month of LOVE y’all. Do you all celebrate Valentine’s Day in a big way?  When I was younger I didn’t really enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day.  I don’t know if it was my lack of a significant other, or just the over the top hearts, googley eyes and Hallmark cards. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve been a bit more in to celebrating the day of love, at least with my kids.  They love allllll the holidays, and having them get excited about the day makes this mama heart happy.

Make these cute DIY Valentine’s Day gifts to go with these treats and your February 14th will be a hit! (Rather have chocolate this time? Make these brownies instead! Or just make them both 🙂 )

Valentine's Day Dessert Rice Krispie Treat Recipe

These treats are fairly easy and super fun to make with your kids. Outside of the sticky mess you have to clean up this recipe is a breeze.  Enjoy!

Valentine's Day Treats


  • Rice Krispies
  • Large bag of Marshmallows-10oz bag
  • 3 Tablespoons Butter
  • One Bag of White Chocolate Chips-I used Ghiradelli
  • Valentine’s Day Sprinkles 🙂
  • Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters
  • Red Food Coloring-optional

Make Rice Krispie Treats according to directions on the box. If you want to make the treats pink or red this is when you would add food coloring as you are mixing together.  Once the bars are cooled you can cut out pieces in the shape of hearts. After your hearts are cut, melt the white chocolate chips in the microwave so they are ready for dipping your hearts in. Dip one half of your hearts into the chocolate and place on a wax paper lined tray.  Then sprinkle the Valentine’s Day sprinkles on top of the melted chocolate. This was my son’s favorite part! Repeat with all the hearts and then leave to cool.  And DONE.  Easy, fun for the kids and oh so festive.  Happy Valentine’s Day, Mamas-hope you are spreading all the love and getting some back in return. xo Valentine's Rice Krispie Treats