Super Bowl Party: Recipes and Crafts!

January 29, 2019


Super Bowl Party Ideas Recipes Crafts DIY

It’s that time again…biggest Sunday of the year! And no, I’m not referring to the football game 🙂 I’m talking about WHAT FOOD ARE WE GOING TO MAKE FOR SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! To eat during the game so that we don’t miss the commercials, obvi.

Check out some of our favorite dips and snacks to make for any super bowl party – or even a kid friendly Football Birthday Party!

Pigs In A Blanket Recipe for Super Bowl Party ideas

Pigs In A Blanket

Pigs in a blanket are always a hit! This one is fun to make with your kids, too. Check out our recipe HERE, and bonus points for plating them in the shape of a football, with mustard “laces” on top!

Sausage Dip Jimmy Dean Super Bowl Party

Jimmy Dean Sausage Dip

Delicious with Fritos! This one is a huge hit every time I make it. Recipe HERE.

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe Super Bowl Party

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Fun take on the classic wing dip sauce flavor! Serve this with pitas, veggies, corn chips, crackers- really anything! See recipe HERE.

Football Brownies Recipe Super Bowl Party

Football Brownies

I feel like these are pretty much self explanatory! YUM. Find recipe HERE.

Football Mason Jar Craft DIY for Super Bowl Party

And make these adorable DIY Football Mason Jars with the kids, too! They can easily paint the whole jar, and you can dive into the details if you’d like. Check out the DIY HERE.


Football Mason Jar Craft DIY for Super Bowl Party


Football Mason Jar Craft DIY for Super Bowl Party

This craft is so cute, and so much fun to do with kids! Do you have as many mason jars and empty jelly jars laying around your house as I do? Just waiting to be used or filled? Or have you already Marie Kondo’d them out of your house!? Well, if you haven’t, grab them up and get ready to paint!

These are so cute for a football birthday themed party or even for your upcoming Super Bowl Party! You can fill the jars with utensils, straws, whatever you need to corral for the party on your table.

Football Mason Jar Craft

Mason Jars
Acrylic Paint (this paint sticks the best to the glass!)
paint brushes


1.) Paint outside of jar with paint – this step is great for your kids to do!

2.) Add details once initial coat is painted. See photo for inspiration! I’ve seen the referee jar with a whistle tied around the lid…so cute

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, HIKE! Happy painting, mama!

The VERY best Sausage Dip for Superbowl Party


Sausage Dip Jimmy Dean Super Bowl Party

This dip is all the things.  Delicious and seriously one of the easiest appetizers I make. It is a crowd pleaser, and you will be patting yourself on the back for bringing the party favorite.

Sausage Dip Recipe

One package of Jimmy Dean Sage Sausage
One 80z. package Cream Cheese
One can of Rotel
One bag of Fritos Scoops


  1. Cook the sausage until browned
  2. Add in the cream cheese and Rotel
  3. cook until warmed and combined
  4. Put in a small crockpot if you’d like to keep it warm throughout the party

Serve with Fritos and enjoy! Side note-This is a great Keto friendly appetizer if served with celery.

Sausage Dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe


Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe Super Bowl Party

This is a pinterest favorite and one of my favorite Keto friendly appetizers. Another easy recipe to whip up, bake in the oven for 20 mins and you are done. Perfect for a Super Bowl Party!

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

2 cooked Chicken Breasts-shredded. You can also buy rotisserie chicken if you are in a rush.
1 package cream cheese
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1/2  cup ranch dressing
1/2  cup Frank’s Red Hot sauce
*Optional- Sliced Green Onions


Preheat Oven to 400 degrees. Mix all ingredients together and put into a greased 8×8 pan. Put in the oven and cook for 15-20 until dip is hot and a bit bubbly. Sprinkle sliced green onions on top if you’d like. Serve with pita chips, veggies, tortilla chips-really anything you’d like! You can easily double this recipe depending on how many you are serving. Enjoy!

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Football Brownies Recipe for Super Bowl Party

January 23, 2019


Football Brownies Recipe Super Bowl Party

Friends. This is the easiest dessert to bring to a football party, hands down! Now sure, you could make your brownies from scratch and really put some extra effort into it……but why? 🙂 Go ahead and pick up a box of brownie mix- I used Pillsbury Milk Chocolate this time around. You will also need a small tube of white decorating icing with a fine tip, gel or regular frosting will work great.

Football Brownies JJ

Make the brownies according to the box, and ask a cute kid to help out.  If they have a cake like option, I personally think that makes it a little easier to create your “footballs”, but you can most certainly make them the regular way. Once brownies have cooled cut them into little football shapes (or use a cookie cutter-even easier!). Then take the white frosting and decorate them to look like the laces of the football. AND DONE. See I told you. Easiest recipe ever, and a festive addition to any football party! Disclaimer – I let my son help me with these, if you do them yourself I’m guessing you could make your lines just a weeee bit straighter – lol. We had fun together and that’s all that matters!

See here for more awesome Super Bowl Party Ideas and Recipes – including this adorable Pigs In A Blanket plate!

Football Brownies

Pigs In A Blanket Recipe for Super Bowl Party


Pigs In A Blanket Recipe for Super Bowl Party ideas

Who doesn’t love an old fashioned Pigs In A Blanket recipe!? I’m telling you, make these and they will be all gone. Every party needs a good pig in a blanket, especially a Super Bowl Party!

My 4 year old daughter loved making these with me! And she did a great job, too – these are a perfect food to get your kiddos involved in.

Pigs In A Blanket Recipe

1 can of pillsbury crescent rolls
1 package of Lil’ Smokies

Heat oven to 375 degrees. Unroll the crescent rolls and cut into smaller pieces. I match the number of “rolls” to the number of lil’ smokies I have. – one can of crescent rolls to one package of lil’ smokies. Roll up a lil’ smokie in the smaller pieces of dough. Place the piggies on a baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes. Serve with ketchup, mustard, and whatever else your heart desires!

If you’re making these for a Super Bowl Party or a football party, plate the pigs in a blanket into a football shape and add “laces” with mustard on top!

Check out these delicious Football Brownies you can take to your Super Bowl Party with these piggies 🙂 And Click HERE for our full Super Bowl Party post of ideas and recipes!

Pigs In A blanket recipe for super bowl party

How To Create A Healthy Morning Routine For Moms

January 17, 2019


How To Create a Healthy Morning Routine For Moms

Isn’t it amazing how our days can feel inspiring or hard based on how the first few minutes of the day turn out? It’s time to take charge of your days, mama. We are the heroines of our own lives – we definitely need to start believing that and knowing that we deserve positive, inspiring, uplifting days. EVEN WHEN they are hard days! With just a few adjustments and mindsets, we can 100% choose and control how we approach our lives. We can choose to be joyful about it!

So here we go – my 5 step healthy morning routine for moms. I really make an effort to do these 5 things each and every day. I can tell when I don’t. My day just doesn’t start off the way I want it to. (Are you pregnant? Click Here to see my 5 Step Morning Pregnancy Routine.)

Step 1: Wake Up 30 Minutes Before Your Kids

I know. This one is HARD. Trust me, I really know! My 4 year old daughter sleeps late. My 2 year old son does not. He loves to wake up at 5:45am. AHHHHHHHHRGH. So this one is a struggle for me. We are working on getting him to sleep later – and some mornings he makes it to 6:30 or 6:45am! Hallelujah! But generally, I try to wake up around 5:30am so I have a few quiet, precious moments to myself. It is so much better to set your own wake up time, than to be woken up by your children!

Step 2: Read Something Inspiring

Either read your Daily Soul Sessions or a passage from another inspiring book! I actually read my Daily Soul Session for Every Mama book each morning (well, right now I’m reading the one for Pregnant Mamas because I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant!) AND then I read my First 5 devotion. First 5 is an awesome Christian app geared toward women. The idea is to spend your first 5 minutes of the day digging into the Bible. I love it!  Need some more inspiring book ideas? Check out Maria Shriver’s book, Sally Kempton’s Yoga book, Jedidiah Jenkins’ travel and self discovery memoir, this book on overcoming fear and creating a life of magic, this book on a doctors incredible NDE, and YES, just YES to The Four Agreements.

Step 3: Finish A Full Glass Of Water

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! They say so many of our small “issues” each day (headaches, dry skin, ability to concentrate, exhaustion, etc) can be improved with upping our water intake. So I find that by keeping a full glass of water on my nightstand and finishing it before I even stand up starts my hydration journey in the right direction. I also find that drinking water out of straws makes it go down waaaaaaay faster! I end up drinking more water when I use a straw than when I have to unscrew a bottle or cap. Random, I know, but true! Maybe the extra intake of water will outweigh the lip wrinkles “they” say we get from drinking with a straw. It’s always something 🙂 This one from is super cute! Or these cups…I like the ones where I can see how much water I’m takin in!

Step 4: Make Your Bed

There is a popular facebook video from a decorated war general where he talks about the importance of making your bed. It starts your day in an orderly, organized fashion. It’s fairly therapeutic to just go through the mindless motion. You can even spend those 3 minutes in gratitude – saying thank you to God for all of your blessings! And then every time you head into your room, there is one thing that is organized amidst all the rest of your chaos! Write down the thoughts you have to make even more of an impact – this journal is gorgeous.

how to create a morning routine for moms

Step 5: Do Some Yoga Or Write In Your Journal (or both!)

The last step is to do something for myself that I can do until the kids wake up. Stretching and sun salutations are always beneficial and make me feel better. But so does writing. We are big advocates of writing in a journal every single day – in fact, if you need some writing inspiration, check out our 10 Minute Journal Prompts for Moms we have available on Etsy! It’s 30 days worth of journal ideas to start your writing adventure. Writing helps get all the cobwebs out of your brain so you can start discovering your creative thoughts underneath all the noise.

10 minute journal prompts for moms

A Perfect Mother In Law Gift Idea

January 16, 2019


Perfect Mother In Law Gift

Do you struggle (like me!) to find a perfect gift for certain people in your life – IE: mother in law, sister, aunt, etc?!

Well, I received the sweetest, coziest, comfiest gift from my parents over Christmas – The Giving Shawl. And so now I just have to share with you, because I feel like it makes an amazing gift for that someone in your life (sister, mom, grandmother, aunt, friend, sis-in-law, MIL) that you adore, but maybe live far away from. Or maybe this person is difficult to shop for…either way, it’s a lovely present!

Enter, The Giving Shawl

They call it a “gift-able hug”, which I find so perfect. The point of the shawl is that it is supposed to make the gift-ee smile every time they wrap up in it. It reminds you that somebody loves you, that somebody is giving you a big ol’ hug right then and there.

And trust me, this shawl is so cozy! It’s unbelievably soft and comes in a few different colors. I just love it. Every time I put it on, I feel soft and fuzzy inside.

In fact, I may be gifting this to my mother-in-law sometime soon. How cute would this be from your kiddos? A gift for grandma? L-O-V-E!

PS: I forgot to tell you the most important part. It has pockets. Mic. Drop.

Want more gift ideas? Check out our gift guide for Every Mama and our guide for the Pregnant Mama.

Mother in law gift ideas

3 Inspiring Books to Start 2019

January 11, 2019


Inspiring Books For 2019

Ok, real quick I wanted to send y’all my favorite 3 books I’m absolutely devouring so far in 2019. These are perfect for you, mama, because the first 2 are super short passages and/or chapters that you actually can find the time to read because it takes about 3 minutes! lol!

First up – The Daily Soul Sessions books (obvi!)

If your pregnant – get The Daily Soul Sessions For The Pregnant Mama. If you’re not pregnant – get The Daily Soul Sessions For Every Mama. The short, daily inspirations are so refreshing and comforting. I’ve loved diving back into my pregnancy book. It reminds me that I’m not alone in my feelings (hello hormones!) and that it’s ok to miss the woman I used to be. She is still there. I just have to work a little bit harder to honor her, remember her, and bring her back by being creative, positive, and inspired!

Inspiring Pregnancy Book

Second – Maria Shriver’s “I’ve Been Thinking”

This book is just awesome. Short chapters with titles like “The Power Of Faith”, and “I’m Who I Choose To Become”, and “The Power Of Letting Go” to name a few are incredibly inspiring and encouraging. This woman has been through a lot, and she’s come out on the other side with so much wisdom and kindness that I’m simply devouring her words. You will too, I know it!

Maria Shriver book I've Been Thinking

Third – Lysa Terkeurst’s “The Best Yes”

Lysa Terkeurst is a Christian author and I really enjoy her writing style. She tells inspiring, real stories that help me relate to my every day problems and concerns. This book is all about “making wise decisions in the midst of endless demands” which LORD knows I need help with! I get paralyzed with indecision – do you? Lately I’ve been realizing that when I’m stuck in that limbo of not being able to make a decision, it’s because I’m letting myself be led by all the noise and chaos and media and social media around me. Instead of quietly going inside of myself and letting spirit lead me. This book is helping me take ownership of that.

Lysa Terkeurst The Best Yes

There you have it, lady! Curl up with some coffee and take those 5 minutes for yourself. Or if you’re like me, you have 2 kids in your lap while you do it – but still! It’s the thought – and the inspiration – that counts!



5 Things You Must Have When You’re Pregnant

January 10, 2019


5 Things you must have when you're pregnant

Well, third time must be a charm, because here it is, mama – the 5 Things You Must Have When You’re Pregnant. It’s only taken me…ohhhh, 22 months of pregnancy (I have 2 kids, and one on the way) to whittle this list down to my favorites!

1.) An Inspiring Pregnancy Book

The Daily Soul Sessions For The Pregnant Mama book is the one thing I read every single day to get my mind and my heart right. I want to feel connected to my little peanut inside, but I also want to remember the woman I was before the label mom took over my entire existence! And this book does that – it’s short, inspiring messages for each day of your pregnancy. It helps you stay positive, stay mindful, and stay creative during these most creative and amazing 9 months!

2.) Comfy CUTE Shoes

Ok, so as we keep growing and growing with each passing day – ahem – month, it’s important to hold onto a few things from our previous life. Or even add something amazing to our previous life – and the easiest way to do this is with shoes! lol – I know, it’s a bit vain, but when we have some cute shoes on, it makes the bump feel even better! The key is comfort, as you know, and these wedge sneaks are AMAZING! See the pic above – Supes cute. And I can wear them literally all day long without my feel hurting.

3.) An Amazing Blender

Yep. An amazing blender is for sure a necessity! So go ahead and ask for that Vitamix for your birthday or whatever holiday is fast approaching, because smoothies are the best when you’re preggo. A couple of my favorites are the Glowing Green Smoothie and the Almond Milk Breakfast Smoothie. 

4.) Pillows. And Then More Pillows

There comes a point in every pregnancy when you simply need all the pillows. Seriously – I bogart every single pillow from all the unused beds when I hit, ohhhh about 12 weeks! I now sleep in a throne-like position. This means I have the large Euro pillow in back, then 2 normal queen pillows piled against that, a 3rd queen pillow propped up above the 2 other queens (for my head, obvi), and THEN I have 2 king pillows – one on either side of my body. These are for propping up my arms, or for placing under my bump and between my knees when I want to be on my side. Yes. It’s a lot. Yes, it sounds insane. Yes, my poor husband has to climb over a mountain of pillows any time he wants to kiss me good night. And Yes, I need them all. So do yourself a grand favor, and just accept the pillows. Zzzzzzzz.

5.) A Great Lipstick – Color, color, color!

You need to head to Sephora and have an expert help you find the perfect lip color to add to your daily arsenal. And go bold, my bump sister, go bold! I find that when I’m feeling exhausted (pretty much every day), or I’m feeling a bit blue that nothing fits (hello boobs!), or I just need to feel a little oomph of fertility goddess-ness, the perfect lip color helps me get there. I adore this one from Milk Makeup – color “Wifey.”

So there you have it, friend. My list of the 5 Things You Must Have When You’re Pregnant. Next up, my 5 Maternity Clothing Essentials!


PS: Enter our monthly Mama Care Package giveaway below! We pick a new winner every month – and this is also something you’ll want to feel comfy, cozy, and cared for each day