Our Easter Tablescape

March 26, 2018


Our Easter Tablescape

Welcome to our Easter tablescape!

For some reason, the Easter holiday always sneaks up on me.  Thanksgiving, Christmas – we have major build up for those guys.  But all of a sudden, spring has sprung, and Easter is here. So simple is better (these days, that’s true for pretty much everything in my life!) I actually had most of the items for this table – I just rummaged around all of my “hiding spots”….ahem, please don’t tell my husband how many hiding spots I actually have 🙂

This year we incorporated:

Simple White Lenox Tin Can Alley Dinnerware

Gold flatware from West Elm

Anthropologie Horta Champagne glasses

Fantesca Chardonnay!

Pewter Braided Placemats from Amazon

Couleur Nature Batik Bird Printed Napkins from Sur La Table – these would be beautiful too!


Our Easter Tablescape

This is a fun DIY project to do with your kids! I mean, they incorporate glitter, sooooooo what’s not to love?

DIY Glitter Filled Easter Eggs
Glitter – (we used this Glitter Pack)
Clear Easter eggs from Michaels ($.99 each!)
Quickie Glue pen

1.) Take off top of clear egg and fill up with glitter about 1/4 full.

2.)  Pop top back on egg.

3.) Using a glue ballpoint pen, write down names for place cards on a thin strip of white paper.

4.) Sprinkle glitter over glue.

5.) Brush off glitter (funnel back into tube to re-use).

6.) Roll both ends of paper for a fancier look.

Each place setting has a slightly different look…

Kara: old wine corks add a festive feel

Kate: dried lavender from the garden

Kacey: small white stones and mini purple carnations

Sorella: A beautiful pink flower

You could also scoop up a whole bunch of these eggs, fill them with coordinating glitter and hang them  together all at random lengths with flowers behind it as a spring wreath.  Or even hang them at various heights from your chandelier over your Easter table.

Our Easter Tablescape

Happy Easter everyone – don’t forget to light some candles, put some flowers in a vase, and use whatcha got!  Get creative, but keep it simple is my mantra. And now you’re ready for the food – who is making these this weekend?
Kara, Kate, and Kacey
Our Easter Tablescape

A Style Night With Evereve and The Daily Soul Sessions

March 19, 2018


We are so excited to invite all Denver mamas to our Mom’s Night Out Style Night and Book Release Party at the Evereve store at Park Meadows Mall in Denver, Colorado!

Evereve and The Daily Soul Sessions Book Release Party and Style Night

RSVP by emailing us at contact@thedailysoulsessions so we can add you to the list!

See below for more details:

Style your self | Style your soul!

Join us at the Evereve store at Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, CO for a fun Girls Night Out! It’s a combo Style Night and Book Release Party for our newest book: The Daily Soul Sessions For Every Mama.

Enjoy 15% off your entire purchase at Evereve along with drinks, bites, and soulful surprises!

Please RSVP By March 28th! This will be such a fun girls night out, so feel free to invite your friends. The more the merrier! YOU MUST email us at contact@thedailysoulsessions.com so I can put your name (plus number of guests) on the guest list for the event.

We will be signing books, so be sure to bring your copy of The Daily Soul Sessions! If you have not purchased one yet, you can get them on Amazon. OR we are offering a special “Evereve” price of $10 a book. Send us an email at contact@thedailysoulsessions.com if you’d like to pre-order.

You can pick up your pre-ordered books at the event on April 11th, and only those who have sent us an email will be able to receive their books at that price.

We are also debuting our brand new 30 Day Journaling Challenge For Moms! Everyone who attends our Style Night at Evereve will receive the challenge for FREE!

Hope to see you there!

Kate, Kacey, and Kara

How To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Kids

March 13, 2018


How To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Kids

Behold! Our easy “How To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Kids” guide. Remember when St. Patrick’s Day used to only be centered around where to find green beer and how not to have a green mouth by the end of the night?

Not anymore, mama, not anymore. I mean, you can still drink a green beer, but you can also make this fun holiday about your kids, too! Aren’t holidays so much better with them around? I mean, sure. Now they are super busy, and you have to craft 4,000 things for school, and God forbid you don’t have the right color clothing! But if we take out all of the pressure and just absorb the FUN and magic these little holiday’s bring to our kids? So much better!

Here’s what we are doing with our kids for St. Patrick’s Day this year:

Step 1: Make a Leprechaun Trap with your child

We decided to try and catch a leprechaun this year so that we can find his Pot O’ Gold. So clearly we needed to make a Leprechaun Trap. There is no right or wrong way to make a Leprechaun Trap. (Guys, I had to google how to spell Leprechaun while making this.) You simply find a small box and let your kid go wild decorating it with green paper, stickers, markers, paint, glitter at your own risk, whatever!

Step 2: Head To The Dollar Store For Some St. Patrick’s Day Treats

This part you have to do solo so you can surprise your kids on St. Patty’s Day. I picked up that green slinky, shamrock necklace, paper plate and cup, and bunny (What does a bunny have to do with St. Patricks Day, you ask? Honestly, she had a fit when she saw it and couldn’t have it the other day, so I decided the Leprechaun would give it to her) at the Dollar Store down the street and spent a whopping $5. The green shamrock balloon is from Vons.

Step 3: Raid Your Kitchen For More Goodies

Now you just go on a treasure hunt of your pantry for green items. I had those green lollipops, green wrapped granola bar, and fruit snacks in our cupboard.

Step 4: Set Up Your Trap

On St. Patrick’s Day Eve, you set out your trap. Add a few chocolate gold coins to try and lure the leprechaun in! Then, after the kids go to bed, put out all the rest of the surprise treats—all of stuff you got at the dollar store. This is what the leprechaun will “leave” them when they escape from the trap. And maybe make green pancakes to go on the green plate!

Now for the really cute part. Of course, Sloane will be wondering if her trap worked right!? Did she actually catch her Leprechaun!? Well…..let’s see what happens when we open the trap!

She is going to LOVE the little note her Leprechaun leaves her (and all the treats he leaves behind). She still carries around the note that Santa Claus left her last Christmas. So it’s all fun and games—nobody is trapping any small and kinda creepy elf. And said elf is leaving your kid a few fun St. Patrick’s Day goodies!

These memories are the ones that stick with our kids. The projects we do together, the whimsy we sprinkle on any random holiday. It’s worth it, mama. It makes everything so much more magical.

Tag your leprechaun trap picture on Instagram with @thedailysoulsessions – I want to see them!

Top O’ The Mornin’ To Ya,

Favorite Books I’m Currently Reading…

March 6, 2018


What are my favorite books I’m reading right now? Besides the book I wrote!? Ha! Jk, jk. I’m a GIANT book nerd and proud of it. Where my fellow book nerds at?

Ok, onto the good stuff. First up is my soulful book of the month:

A Book For Your Soul:

I just finished Gabrielle Bernstein’s newest – Judgment Detox. It’s a fast read but full of awesome advice and tips on how to get rid of all the judgment in your life. Judgment basically comes down to negativity; any bad or negative thought you have toward yourself or someone else is only hurting you. Learning how to forgive yourself for these thoughts, how to move past them quickly, and how to change the thought to something better is key to living your happiest, highest vibration life!

I try to read a couple of pages of my soulful or self-help book every day during my morning routine. It honestly is a game changer—in fact, I can tell that days don’t start as positively and go as smoothly if I haven’t take “me” time!

A Book For Whimsy:

Kacey has been re-reading Diana Gabaldon’s epic Outlander saga! Yes, the WHOLE THING. If you haven’t read these books yet…well, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. They are so wonderful, so adventurous, and they have such awesome characters. The TV series on STARZ ain’t so bad either (hello, Sam Heughan!!!!).

A Book For Your Brain

I’m a self-professed fanatic of the musical Hamilton. It’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen—from the stage movement, to choreography, to the blend of all genres of music! SO great. My in-laws gave me this book, Hamilton: The Revolution, over Christmas and I devoured it! It has behind the scenes looks at how the entire show was made, from start to finish. PLUS it has Lin Manuels own commentary alongside lyrics to each song…fascinating!

A Book For Your Work

Carrie Green’s book She Means Business is extremely inspiring. It helps you find the courage to actually start that business or push on through the dark times. It also has a ton of tips, tricks, advice, and practical applications for any business, creative or not. LOVE it.

Happy reading my lovely!



The Best Motherhood Book: The Daily Soul Sessions For Every Mama


I desperately need the best motherhood book available because motherhood is NO JOKE.

It takes every ounce of grit, determination, imagination, courage, love, and soul we have. I need help every day—I need inspiration every day to remind me to choose positive thoughts, to choose to be a mindful mama…

That is what The Daily Soul Sessions For Every Mama book gives me. It gives me a few precious minutes each morning 100% dedicated to bringing my attention back to ME—the woman I was before I became a mother, the woman that is still there underneath all the other layers and labels that have been placed on me since having my first baby. There are 365 soul sessions, short daily inspirations to get your day started right.

What if you dedicated those few precious moments each day to uncovering more of your soul’s secrets, of your heart’s desires, of your weaknesses and strengths, of what you need to let go of and what you need more of in your life. Wouldn’t that feel wonderful?

This is a gift you can give yourself. And think about what it says to your family—to your children. You are showing them that the act of self-love, that fighting for what you yearn for, that letting go of what is no longer serving you and attracting more of what makes your soul sing are priorities in your life. And as their very first role model, that is an incredibly wonderful thing to do.

Spread the love to your friends and family, show them how focused and mindful you are now. Your light shines bright…