5 Steps To Getting Your Kids Out The Door On Time

September 19, 2017


We’ve all been there.

You’ve made plans for the day in hopes to entertain your 4 year old, all the while praying that your infant can hang without a real nap until the afternoon. It’s gonna be great, you think when one of your mama friends organizes the adventure. And then you wake up that morning immediately second guessing your decision and trying to think of ways to get out of going.  The baby needs her structured naps excuse should work-lol. However, you already told your kiddo you are going to the zoo……the zoo that’s an hour away…..the super special zoo where you get to feed giraffes.  So you’re going.  No getting out of this one.

The next hurdle for me is getting out the door on time with everything I need.

I am terrible at this. I mean really awful. Since Kaylie came along (our 9 month old) I am not sure I have arrived at A N Y T H I N G on time. And lets not talk about how not only am I late, but inevitably I forget something (or many somethings) every. single. time.  (I cannot even think about the time I forgot the paci on a 4 hour round trip adventure. CRINGE!)

Well not anymore my mama warriors.  I have started to implement a new plan this summer. One that not only helps me get out the door a little closer to on time, but actually with a lot less stress than before. Now, I have just started to do this and I am sure ALL OF YOU already do this, but it’s been working for me so I thought I’d share.

Step One: Stop thinking about the reasons its going to be tough to go.

You’ve committed to the plans and once there it will be worth it.  So stop wasting precious time and energy on thinking about not going.  YOU ARE GOING. (you all may not need this step, but I am always second guessing my decisions and plans-so this is a must for me. 🙂 )

Step Two: Assess the Adventure.

What will you need to bring? For the big kids? The Baby? And don’t forget what you need Mama! Plan it out in your head or write it down like me.  It takes an extra few minutes, but then I’m already feeling more organized and less stressed.

Step Three: Pack up everything you can the night before.

YES. Do it.  At the time this usually feels really annoying to me.  I’d rather be relaxing on the couch with my husband after the kids are asleep. BUT, taking 10 minutes the night before to get organized makes the morning run so much more smoothly.

Step Four: Get up 15-30  minutes early.

Take this time to pack the lunches, check the diaper bag, have a cup of coffee and get ready for the day!

Step Five: Build at least an extra 30 mins in to your morning schedule.

Something ALWAYS happens in the morning as I am trying to get out the door.  The baby has a blowout, the big kid takes an extra 20 minutes to get dressed because he just HAS to pick out his clothes and get dressed himself.  If I have to leave by 9:00am, I tell myself the departure time is 8:30 and we seem to be getting places on time with much more regularity these days!

All of these little changes have really helped me, and I hope they can help you too!