How To Get Your Toddler To Listen

June 7, 2017


Getting Your Toddler To Listen Without Yelling…

Getting my 3 year old to listen without threatening (and following through with) time out every 5 seconds is an all day long challenge over here. WOW. Who is with me?? (raise hand emoji.)

And that gets so old, doesn’t it? Between finding activities that will keep her occupied for a while, and creating fun adventures out of simple activities like nature walks—I’m running out of energy to feel like I’m constantly disciplining her. I’ve been talking with my husband and friends and sisters and we all agree. No-one likes the daily toddler fight of not listening.

I bring you our solution!


How to get your toddler to listen without having to threaten time out every 5 minutes! Make this DIY Toddler Listening Sticker Chart for motivation.

The Listening Toddler Sticker Chart!

This has worked really well for us so far! Reminding her that she gets a sticker every time she listens and does what she’s asked the first time has been extremely motivating for her. And threatening her with taking away a sticker when she is behaving poorly works too.

CLICK HERE to download a free printable Sticker Chart – already made!

When she gets 5 stickers, she gets a treat.

Sometimes that is half a graham cracker, sometimes it’s an m&m. The real treat is that she’s happier, I’m happier, and we have a craft project to make together at the start of each week that takes up a whole 5 minutes of the day! ha. OR you can download our free already made Sticker Chart Printable HERE.

Here’s how to make your chart:

1.) Get out a big piece of paper. Divide it into each day of the week.

2.) Pick a different color marker or paint for each week day. Color the column of that day in its respective color. That way your child can ask you  which color to put the sticker on. If it’s Tuesday, I’d say, “put the sticker on the orange paint!”

3.) Find some stickers she likes and place them in a spot accessible to her. Then when she listens well, you tell her “GREAT JOB! Go get a sticker!!” And when she gets to 5 sticker—BOOM! Treat.

Nothing is a magic fix when it comes to toddlers.

But this chart has been extremely helpful for us! I hope it brings you a little bit of peace and success, too!

cheers lady 🙂