Mangia Monday! Southwestern Stuffed Peppers

February 29, 2016

southwestern stuffed peppers recipe, healthy dinner

When eating for two (or just wanting to be healthy for YOU), finding a way to get all the required veggies in throughout the day can sometimes take work. This delicious, healthy, and nutrient dense dinner definitely provides just the right amount of all the yummy and colorful veggies that we all need. Hope you love these Stuffed Peppers as much as we did! Mangia Mama!

Southwestern Stuffed Peppers
*adapted from Simply Love Food

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
3-4 Organic Bell Peppers
1 Cup chopped organic onion
2 sliced organic Green Onions
1/2 to 3/4 pounds of Organic Ground Turkey
1/2 cup of Frozen Organic Corn
15oz can of Organic Black Beans drained and rinsed
15oz. Jar of your favorite Salsa
1 heaping TBS of Mexican Seasoning (you can use premade Taco Seasoning,
I prefer to create my own)
2 cups cooked Brown Rice
Shredded Mexican Cheese ( I use reduced fat)

Optional toppings
Sour cream
Hot Sauce of your choice


Heat oven to 400 degrees. Halve and de-seed bell peppers. Lightly coat with EVOO (thank you Rachel Ray) and place in baking dish. Roast peppers for 20-25 mins. While peppers are roasting, cook up ground turkey. I added a few spices to my meat to give it a little flavor. In another pan heat a little EVOO and saute onions until translucent. Once both are finished, combine onions, rice, corn, black beans, ground turkey, salsa and Mexican Seasonings in a bowl.

Remove peppers from the oven and let cool until you are able to handle them. Once cool enough, spoon rice mixture into each pepper. I had quite a bit extra, so I put HEAPING piles into my peppers. 🙂 After stuffing, place back into the oven for another 15-20 minutes, until peppers are cooked through. Remove and sprinkle with diced green onions and shredded cheese, then return to the oven for about 5 minutes. Let the dish cool for a few minutes (if you can wait!) and then top with any additional toppings you love. Serves 4 to 6.

Start Today…

February 25, 2016

“A year from now you wil wish you started today.”~Karen Lambinspirational quote, moving on quote, starting now quote

Words to imprint on my brain right now. I want to write another book to follow up The Daily Soul Sessions For the Pregnant Mama. I want to have another kid. I want to learn Italian. I want my daughter to be a well rounded, respectful kid. I want to make more Green Smoothies. All things that if I start today – by next year – imagine what I could accomplish! That thought inspires me, provides the kick in the behind I need to stay motivated, stay consistent. A year is a long time to make dreams come true. What dreams do you have today Mama?


February 18, 2016 twins mamas
“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.”
~Robert Browning

“God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.”

“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.”
~William Barclay

“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”
~Dr. Seuss

Make it count!

Positive Polly

February 17, 2016

Positive thinking, positive affirmations, how to be positive

Do you observe Lent? I’m not Catholic, but at this time of year, I do create my own version of “lent”. In the past I’ve given up the usual suspects: Sweets, swearing, alcohol…HA! Just kidding, I’ve never done that last one 🙂

But in recent years, I’ve decided instead of giving up something, I’m going to ADD something to my life. Last year I decided I was going to become Positive Polly. Meaning I reacted positively to every single event in my life. Even if it was something bad…I chose to react with a positive, silver lining mentality. I’m telling you, it was transforming. I was happier, lighter, and even my close family and friends noticed a difference. And it wasn’t even that hard to do. So why couldn’t I continue it throughout the rest of the year? Well, like anything, I just slowly stared going back to my old ways. Cynicism, doubt, and negative thoughts crept back in.

Lent is now a great reminder for me to bring back Positive Polly. She rocks. She’s awesome. She’s someone everyone wants to emulate. I’m going to try and keep her around past Easter this year, too.

Who’s with me? Invite Polly to stay at your house, too. You’ll never want her to leave!



Who Did You Meet Today?

February 16, 2016

inspirational quote, change your life quote

Huh. This one’s a bit mind boggling. It really puts weight and meaning into every single moment of our lives. Every encounter is important and will change us in some way…..chew on that awhile, gals 🙂



Lovely Lavender…

February 15, 2016

lavender in garden, springtime,

“Kacey’s Garden…”

I love Southern California. The lavender that just bloomed in my garden is beautiful and sweet. It banishes the moody winter blues with purple fragrance – I’m so excited it’s blooming!

Lavender calms and restores. It’s essential oil is a lovely sidekick to a peaceful morning or unwinding afternoon. It can ease nausea too… Go find a lavender plant and convince it to grow:)

All Good Things Are Wild & Free…

February 12, 2016
inspirational quote, wild and free quote

Henry David Thoreau wrote this. I can’t help but relate as I watch my spirited, energetic and beautifully stubborn – eh hem – 20 month old spin in circles around our living room. Toddlers. They can be absolutely crazy can’t they? They can try your patience so much you think you’re going to lose it. Then they put their little palms on your cheek and whisper, “I love you” and you forget every frustrating moment of the day. Here I thought pregnancy was so chaotic I wrote a book about it! The reality of raising a kid? – Here we go again…

But today, as we battle runny noses, climbing on furniture, learning boundaries, and throwing food – I run across this quote. “All good things are wild and free.” And I have to take a moment and thank God that I was blessed with this wild and free little girl…

Because she is so good. Life is so good. We got this…

Turkey Meatballs

February 11, 2016

healthy turkey meatball recipe, toddler friends food

Figuring out what to feed your kiddos is ofen the most duanting and stressful part of raising tiny humans. We all want to serve healthy meals – and quick is the key component. Who has time to slave away in the kitchen? Especially during the witching hour (I’m looking at you, 5pm!) when toddlers are screaming and pulling at your shirt that’s already so stretched out, it’s borderline indecent.

I PRESENT YOU…..Turkey Meatballs! These seriously take 5 minutes to mix up, 30 minutes to cook, and they leave you with a ton left 0ver to freeze for future dinners that take 2 minutes to heat in the microwave. I always have these in my freezer!

Ingredients & Directions:

1 package lean Ground Turkey
1/3 cup Italian Bread Crumbs (any flavor, really)
2 tbsp Garlic Powder
1 Egg
2 tbsp Italian Seasoning
OR a combo of dried oregano, basil, and parsley
1/3 cup shredded or grated parmesan cheese
(I’ll tell you a secret. I never measure out the ingredients above. I literally just eyeball it. You can’t ruin this, I promise!)

Mix all ingredients together with your hands. Roll into balls. Place on greased cookie sheet. Sprinkle a touch more salt on top if desired. Bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes. Turn meatballs. Bake for another 10 – 15 minutes. Makes about 12-16 meatballs. All depends on how big ya roll ’em.

I serve a couple warm out of the oven for dinner. Then I fight off my husband from eating them all. Then I freeze the rest in a freezer bag. Sloane will eat these plain, or with pasta sauce, or with applesauce, or with hummus…basically she loves them any way I make them! On those nights when I have NO idea what to give her for dinner, I just pop 2 meatballs in the microwave for 1 minute, 30 seconds and presto! Dinner is served, ladies and gents.

Just Chillax…

February 10, 2016, toddler style

When the week after the Super Bowl got you feelin’ beat, just chilllllaaaaaax girl…

We had a great time in San Francisco for the past 12 days! Hosting the NFL Experience Stages and the Tailgate Party at Super Bowl 50 was exciting, thrilling, and exhausting 🙂 We are back in Redondo Beach now, with our babes, and loving every second of it.

There is something so sweet about coming home.

I Could See For Miles, Miles, Miles

February 5, 2016

hawaii, wanderlust,

Sometimes you have to look through the trees to see paradise. Or just realize that paradise also exists amongst the trees.

“Paradise is not a place, it’s a state of mind.”

~Frank Sonnenberg