Impossible Until It’s Done

January 28, 2016

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I must admit that I set some pretty big goals for myself this year. I am proud to say that as the end of January approaches I am still working towards all of them (small victories!). However, with that being said I also tend to get weighted down by the enormity of some of my goals. I find it difficult to see my end result when I have SO far to go. I often get discouraged.

So this year I have been trying something a little bit different. I still visualize the end result and where I will be when I have completed my goals, but I am trying to celebrate small accomplishments along the way as well. It keeps me upbeat and driven to succeed. When I have hard days or days when I just want to give up, I don’t. Because my goals are big, friends.

And I most definitely want to see what the future holds after I accomplish each and every one of them.

Mini Green Love Monsters – How to Choose Houseplants you can’t kill

January 27, 2016

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One of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2016 is to master the art of houseplants. And by master, I mean buy a couple and try to keep them alive through next week. I’m hoping the green thumb talent is genetic because my grandmother was a goddess of all things that grow, and my mother’s house is full of lucious, healthy green plants – and don’t even get me started on both of their amazing summer gardens.

The first step is to actually buy a plant, right? So I picked up a Pothos plant, a Money Tree, and English Ivy at Home Depot. They’re already making me so happy! First, they are the perfect accessory – Gorgeous! Life! Color! And second, they are master air purifiers – helping get rid of all the toxins in the air of your house. And money trees are a traditional symbol of good luck and good fortune.

So what are you waiting for? Join me in this adventure! Sometime today – on your lunch break, driving home from work, take the kiddos with you after school – run into a nursery or home depot and scoop up a plant. They’re like mini green love monsters. Rawr.

Taking What Comes…

January 26, 2016

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Man, I love Pinterest. The nuggets of ideas and inspirations always bring me back to Earth. Take today for instance – how about we take a break from looking for the secret to life – and just enjoy life instead.

So please excuse me while I go chase my 20 month old daughter around the living room – and cut this blog a little short today…

Here’s to what’s coming.

Experience Solitude…

January 25, 2016

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This is hard for me. Maybe because I am an identical twin, a mom, and connected to social media the way most everyone is these days. I am not used to being alone. I’ve never been alone. From the very very beginning – in my mama’s belly – I was not alone. I was sharing a tiny space with another human being. So like I said, making a conscious decision to find solitude is hard for me.

But we have to try. We have to put the phone down, we have to carve out time in the day, we have to say no to people – and find some moments to just get in touch with our souls. When I am feeling a little run down, a little frustrated, a little confused about where my day should take me – I try to find some solitude. Just a few moments to meditate, pray, breathe and let my thoughts catch up with the whir of the world. Do you ever notice that when you finally disconnect from facebook, twitter – all of it – you actually feel better? The constant grind of keeping up with so many people’s lives is exhausting. Come back to yourself, your soul – and your truths come back as well.

Just take a few moments and acknowledge your fears or worries today. I promise the second you do, you can then let them go and your whole self will be lighter and brighter.

Find your solitude…and find your soul.

Calling All Pregnant Mamas To Be!

January 22, 2016

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Ohhhhhh man, does this take me back. I cannot believe this was taken almost 20 months ago (Or in non-toddler talk, over a year and a half ago) after our Pre-Natal Yoga Class at Yoga Works in El Segundo with Patricia Anaya. Twin Yoga Mamas!

I can remember searching and searching for pregnancy books or apps that would give me the soul, mind, body connection I was desparate for during this time. And I simply could not find it. That is, until Kacey showed me her daily writings…her “daily soul sessions”, if you will. Like a bolt of lightning it hit me. THIS is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Reading her words every morning completely transformed my pregnancy. It made me pause everyday to recognize the miracle happening. It helped me calm my nerves and appreciate how beautiful this journey was.

I so encourage you, mama to be, go get a copy of The Daily Soul Sessions For The Pregnant Mama for yourself. You will not regret it, I promise.



All The Walks I Want To Take…

January 20, 2016

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Yes. Boredom is not an option. Erase that word from your vocabulary. This year – make that bucket list – and check them off. Don’t narrow it down to only grandiose things that will take time and money – those are absolutely dreams you should work toward – but what could possibly be on that list that you could do today?

Fall madly in love with your life – and happiness will follow. Your marriage to yourself is much like a marriage to a spouse. Time, effort, magic, spontaneity all has to be worked on. There are so many dishes to be tasted, stories to be told, sunrises to be seen. It’s a brand new year – and that’s not boring at all.


January 19, 2016
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Feel free to insert whatever noun you’d like there. Be the friend, the lover, the teacher, the inspiration – you want them to remember. I have such magical memories from certain people in my life. Music teachers, mentors, a spontaneous Aunt – certain people simply stick out, make an imprint on our minds. I wonder what my imprint will be. Do you wonder that too? We’ve got today – we can start being that person today.

Create Your Dreams

January 18, 2016

Inspiring quotes, create your dreams

Create. Every. Day.

Chase your dreams.

Make today everything you want it to be.

Create the life you love.

Keep dreaming. ✨

Be Glad Of Life…

January 15, 2016

Be Glad Of Life | The Daily Soul Sessions for the Pregnant Mama Book

We are given one beautiful life to live. ❤️ Create, inspire, love, and surround yourself with goodness and gratitude. Be glad of life.

Just Be Happy For The Good Fortune of Others

January 14, 2016

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In today’s social media saturated world, we can sometimes find ourselves deep in the waters of comparison. Our screens are filled with beautiful vacation pictures, a “friend’s” new car, dinners out every night, a job change, a new baby…

The list is endless.

If you find yourself feeling down or envious, try doing this instead…just be happy for the good fortune of others. There is enough goodness and success and love for all of us. Changing your mindset will bring you joy and that not so good feeling is sure to disappear.