Leap Second

June 30, 2015

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Did you know there is a thing called the “leap second?” Think leap year, but this time is only one second. The long story short is that today the all encompassing “they” are adding one extra second to the clock. There are many reasons for this, which you should read all about here, but my take away from this is that today we get a little bit more time to…

did I mention live?

So enjoy your leap second, dearies! They don’t come around all that often πŸ™‚

Becoming A Mom

June 24, 2015

motherhood, infant photography session, newborn photo shootToday is my daughter’s 1st birthday. As I sit here, feeling nostalgic for a year that was both the most incredible and hardest year of my life, I find myself trying to really remember, really feel what I was going through exactly 365 days ago. The awe, the pain, the love, the rush, the miracle, the sadness, the letting go, the pulling in…the unmitigated, unmatchable moment of becoming a mom.

It is the best gift of my life. I’m so excited for you to receive yours, little mama.

If You Are Faced With a Mountain…

June 17, 2015

inspirational quote, mindfulness, positivity
β€œIf you are faced with a mountain, you have several options.
You can climb it and cross to the other side.
You can go around it.
You can dig under it.
You can fly over it.
You can blow it up.
You can ignore it and pretend it’s not there.
You can turn around and go back the way you came.
Or you can stay on the mountain and make it your home.”
β€” Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

What do you choose? As a girl who grew up in Colorado, I think I’d stay and make the mountain my home. Happy Wednesday!

Ask, Receive, Give, Trust.

June 15, 2015

inspirational quote, mindfulness, positivity, yoga
“May we practice asking, receiving, giving, and trusting today and every day.” – Elena Brower.

It’s our final “words of wisdom” from the yoga class I took by Elena Brower (through YogaGlo!) last week! Click through to last week’s posts to get an overview of ALL of these inspiring insights.

Ask. Receive. Give. Trust. When we are brave enough to ask for help, to ask for kindness, to ask for love, we will receive it. When we receive help, kindness, love we can’t help but pay it forward. Nothing feels as good as helping another. We were all born with unique and special gifts and it is our duty, it is our purpose here on earth to share our gift with the world. Small, big, unique, simple – every gift is needed.

And finally, trust. Trust is a tough one. It’s difficult to fully open yourself to trusting others and the world even if you’ve never been burned before – and even MORE if you have. But it’s worth it, mamas! Learn to trust yourself, others, God, and the world around you. The gifts you receive from that openess are worth it all.

Go Easy On Yourself!

June 12, 2015

inspirational quote, mindfulness, positivity, yoga

“May we make things easy today.” – Elena Brower

Inspiring thought number 3 from Ms. Elena Brower! This one is simple but powerful. How often do we just make things harder then they have to be on ourselves (and others!)? I know I end up taking the long route more often than not – whether it’s in how I react to an unpleasant situation (tearing myself and the issue apart!) or pushing myself too hard to say the right thing, wear the right thing, act the right way, blah blah blah!

So today, I vow to go easy on myself. Join me? When a situation arises, I’ll take a moment to breathe. I’ll smile. And I’ll figure out the best way to make things easy today.

Happy Friday, pretties!

An Exercise In Selflessness

June 11, 2015

inspirational quote, mindfulness, positivity, yoga

“May our actions make it less difficult for another today.” – Elena Brower

Another nugget of wisdom from my yoga practice yesterday! These 9 months are such an inward journey for us. Everything is happening internally to you (well, besides the external growth of certain regions :). It’s so easy – and natural! – to fall into a daily routine of looking inward to your little bean growing inside of you. And we feel every ache, pain, kick, jab, need to pee!, need to stretch, lack of sleep, exhaustion, elation…all of this we feel inside. (Is anyone else hearing the “Inside of You” song Russell Brand sings in Forgetting Sarah Marshall?? Sorry, sidenote!)

But what if today, we looked outside of ourselves? It might be a much needed and welcome break from the constant looking in. And maybe as you look up, you’ll see someone or something that needs your help or your love. Even as we are consumed with looking inward, sometimes the distraction of looking out is a welcome gift.

Cheers, lovelies xo

Be Present

June 10, 2015

inspirational quote, mindfulness, positivity, yoga“May our practice unlock the flow of past and future so that we may experience a very smooth moment in the present” – Elena Brower

I was practicing a class taught by Elena Brower on YogaGlo today and was quite honestly stunned into wonder at the end of it. At we sat in meditation she stated 4 very inspiring, intuitive, and illuminating thoughts. This was the first. I invite you to contemplate her words as you move through your day. Feel the energy around you flow smoothly, as this very second is now your past and the future second is now your present, and this second is now, once again, behind you….

Really all we have is this moment. Right now. Be present. Be grateful. Be positive today!

I’ll share her other 3 thoughts with you as the week progresses.

Namaste mamas!

Easy, Healthy Snacks during Pregnancy

June 2, 2015

I was chatting with a good friend the other day about easy, healthy snacks to eat while pregnant. This is her 2nd pregnancy, and she’s finding herself a bit more nauseous this time around (could this mean it’s a gir!?) The tricky part of nausea during pregnancy is that often times it takes food to ease the unpleasant feeling. But it can feel overwhelming/exhausting to find foods that don’t make you feel sick and are simple to prepare.

One of my favorite snacks while I was pregnant was organic cottage cheese with a low-salt rice cake and a sliced fiji apple. I would pile the cottage cheese on the rice cake and the apple slices…yum! If I was really craving a salty snack, I’d doctor the cottage cheese up with some Lawry’s seasoning. Delicious and easy to throw together.

Here are some more easy options that I came across while pinterest-ing the other day:
Healthy pregnancy snacks, pregnancy tips

Click over to RichlyRooted.com for more ideas!

Here’s to chowing down, gals!

Hello June!

June 1, 2015

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June. A new month. Summer. Lake days. Vacation. Ice cold lemonade. Happiness…

June has the most daylight hours of any month of the year in this hemisphere. Seize the daylight and enjoy life today!

Rejuvenate yourself: Slice up some fresh strawberry, lime, and mint. Add it to your Ice cold water today for a delicious treat!