Guilty Pleasures

May 28, 2015

best pregnancy movies, movie night when pregnant
There are certain movies that only work when you’re pregnant. What To Expect When You’re Expecting is one of them 🙂 Now is the time to really enjoy this one! It’s totally cheesy but so much fun to watch at this time in your life. Weekend guilty pleasure?! Check!

Then there’s this classic:
best pregnancy movies
You will never regret watching Father Of The Bride Part II!!!!! Do NOT forget the tissues….it gets me even when I’m not pregnant. Forget it when I’ve got all those hormones racing around inside! So queue up these two flicks this weekend. You’ll laugh, cry, and get really excited to meet your little one!

Oh, and they go better with popcorn. Obvi 🙂


May 27, 2015

buddha quote, inspiring quote, happiness
Smart guy, Buddha 🙂

“There is no path to happiness. Happiness IS the path.” Happiness IS the point. Not the destination, not the end game. Right here, right now. What are you doing right this moment? Smile. Go ahead. Smile through whatever you are doing…right…now.

Be Happy pretty mamas…

La Vie En Rose

May 22, 2015
inspirational quote, mindfulness, positivity

La Vie En Rose. A rose colored life…or the literal translation “Life in Pink”! It’s a lovely thought and a lovely song (try the Edith Piaf pandora station on a Saturday morning over magazines and coffee…it’s fabulous!). But can it be reality? Is it attainable for every. single. day?

Our world is what we make it. Our reality is what we make it. I honestly believe that. If you view the world through rose colored glasses, then it will be. I’m not saying that bad things don’t happen…but we do get to choose how we react to those bad things. Life is heart breaking, but it is also heart breakingly beautiful. Keep a sense of humor, keep a positive outlook, and keep your rose colored glasses on.

It makes it all that much sweeter.

La vie en rose, lovelies. Happy Friday! xo

Land Of Nod Sale!

May 21, 2015

nursery decor, cute cribs
FYI guys! Land of Nod is having a BIG Summer Sale! Up to 65% off on some caaaaauuuuuute stuff – lots of baby stuff too!

Some of my favorites are below – and trust me! There are a ton more adorable finds on the website…

1. Precious hat with Pom Pom ears (comes in blue too!)

2. Sweet crocheted rattle

3. GIANT I’m So Glad You’re Here book – so big! It’s amazing!

4. Polka Dot Crib bedding
nursery decor
Happy Baby Shopping!

all images from Land Of Nod

Regular is A Good Thing

May 20, 2015
pregnancy tips, pregnancy problems

The early days of pregnancy bring so much joy, excitement, nerves, and nausea! They also bring 9 months of a tricky digestive system. Honestly one of the worst parts about pregnancy is the whole being “irregular” situation! It’s awkward and uncomfortable (both to talk about and to go through!), but we have to get over our taboo feelings, ladies! WE ALL GO THROUGH IT! Every single one of us.

I was recently discussing this with one of my good friends – she’s in her first trimester. And call it fate, call it synchronicity, call it a co-inky dink if you want to, but I came across this CNN article that very afternoon:

They recommend 13 other foods to eat – besides prunes! – to help with this problem. Click through for some inspiration! It works! After all, I recieved this text from said friend a day after I sent her the article:
pregnancy tips, pregnancy problems and solutions
Magic 🙂

Be Brave

May 19, 2015

inspirational quote, mindfulness, positivity

“Be brave about what you want.”- Cleo Wade

Do you follow Cleo Wade on instagram? She is a poet and artist and is endlessly inspiring! Find her at @cleowade or I love this quote of hers….be brave about what you want. It speaks such a simple truth. Bravery is not easy. As Bear Grylls said, “Being brave isn’t the absence of fear. Being brave is having the fear but finding a way through it.” And I guess it’s not always about being fearful, but it is true that being brave requires a strong sense of self and courage. The things we want – the important things we want! – require bravery. I want a healthy, happy family, so I am fearless about finding the best foods for us to eat. And I read as many articles and books as I can get my fingers on about healthy living. I want a strong, loving relationship with my husband. So I am relentless about communication…even when it’s not easy! I want my daughter to grow up to be a kind, compassionate, BRAVE, and strong woman who loves and respects her family and friends. I will be brave about all of these things. I won’t give up on any of them!

What do you want? What are you determined to be brave about!? xxoo brave Mamas!

This is Worth Fighting For

May 15, 2015

inspirational quote, mindfulness, positivity
“Obstacles are put in your way
to see if what you really want is
worth fighting for”
– Unknown

This is a time of great growth, great love, great pain, great unknown. There are many obstacles before you. Take courage in the fact that you will get through this! And you already know that this is worth fighting for.

Happy Friday lovelies!

Nursery Inspiration: DIY Painted Shelves

May 14, 2015

Nursery decor, DIY painted shelves,
Here’s a lovely nursery project for you, pretty Mamas! We made these shelves last year for sweet Stella’s nursery, and it was such a fun project! The shelves look precious in her room too. Step by step instructions below…

1: Buy these $7.99 shelves from Ikea. They are called the Fabian shelf and they come with metal hinges and are super easy to drill into the wall.

2: Dry brush an antique white paint onto all sides of the shelves. Use a large dry paint brush and dip a small amount of paint onto it. Then brush it on to the shelf in a coarse, carefree manner. It creates a lovely farmhouse feel to the shelves. Let dry (doesn’t take long!).

3: Decide what shapes you want to paint onto the shelves so you can tape off the patterns. We used painters tape. You need to paint on all sides of shelf because you’ll be able to see the bottom as well as the top. This was the fun creative part! We went with some simple stripes on one, and got whimsical on the third!

4: Paint! We chose 4 different colors from Michaels, but the world is your oyster on this one.

1. Martha Stewart ANTIQUE SILK Pearl Craft Paint

2. Craft Smart SILVER Metallic Paint

3. Americana CORAL BLUSH Acrylic paint

4. Dazzling Metallics SILVER SAGE Paint
Nursery decor, DIY painted shelves,
Nursery decor, DIY painted shelves,

Nursery decor, DIY painted shelves,

Nursery decor, DIY painted shelves,

Nursery decor, DIY painted shelves,

Nursery decor, DIY painted shelves,

Chakra Crash Course

May 13, 2015
chakra description, yoga, mindfulness

Here’s the deal. Yogis believe our bodies are filled with energy. There are 7 points throughout the body, call them “hubs”, where the energy pools and moves on. Starting at the “root” and moving up to the “crown” of the head, the energy begins with the most basic of everyday securities: safety, physical identity, ambition, and all the way up to inspiration, spirituality, and connection with the divine.

It’s interesting to take stock of your life, where you are at, where you feel stuck, where you feel free. Meditating, saying a prayer, being aware of the stagnant aspects of your life can truly help to open you up and live in the moment of today…and everyday.

See!? Anyone Can Meditate!

May 12, 2015

I just saw this new Kate Spade add. It’s hilarious with Anna Kendrick and Lilly Tomlin. See….ANYONE can meditate:) Find your Pink Flamingoes today…