Be Yourself

April 30, 2015

inspiring quote, Dr. Seuss quote
Go be you! Do something you love today, treat yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself. We have but one awesome life…and this moment, this day is really all that matters.

I Want To Be Free…

April 29, 2015
inspiring quote, ocean, wild and free

Isn’t this beautiful? I want to be wild, beautiful and free just like the sea. The sea has such a calming presence. If you are lucky enough to be near the ocean, walk out and watch the waves today. If not, that’s ok….simply close your eyes, and hear the waves crashing on the beach at your feet.

Breathe in and out.

Feel your rhythm as sure and as steady as those waves.

Never ending…..ebbing and flowing….wild, beautiful, and free.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, lovelies!


April 28, 2015

lavender, herbs, garden inspiration
Good morning! Spring has finally sprung, and what better way to celebrate the rebirth of mother earth than to plant some lavender. It’s scent is extremely relaxing, and it is lovely to look at. Most home improvement stores or garden centers will have little pots of lavender just waiting for you to take them home! And why not gather some of the buds to dry and make sachets for your dresser drawers or closets?

My next project is a lavender bud eye pillow for the end of a nice yoga session – who is with me?!

So stop and smell the lavender today, lovelies!
lavender garden inspiration

The Daily Soul Sessions for The Pregnant Mama

April 27, 2015

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Welcome to The Daily Soul Sessions for The Pregnant Mama! We are so excited you have landed here. Are you a current Mama To Be? A hopefully soon Mama To Be? A current Mama!? This is a haven for all versions of Mama…so sit back and relax and prepare to be inspired!