The One Thing I Do Every Day To Feel Inspired

I have been thinking a lot about what inspires me lately. 

What inspires me to be the best mama? The best wife? The best friend, daughter…..the best me? I see all of these inspired Mamas, living these big beautiful, colorful, intention filled lives, and I want to be doing the same.

So I started doing some soul searching and reading and podcast listening. You guys, the answer just literally jumped out and smacked me right in the face. Kidding. But I am realizing it’s fairly simple really…….take care of me, and I can be present and actively looking for ways to live a more inspired life. Every. Day.


Self-Care. Make it a priority.

how to feel inspired every day


The act of self-care is one that is often over looked when you are a mama of young kids.

From the moment my preschooler wakes up he is READY TO GO. There is no down time, because of course as soon as his sister was born he gave up napping—yes, this actually happens. Apparently it’s a rule that they stop napping when a baby is born. No one told me this ;-). I digress…

So in the spirit of self-care I decided to really commit to adding one small thing into my day that is just about me. No kids, no husband, no dogs, no PHONE…..just me.

I am waking up 30 minutes early, in the wee hours of the morning, before someone needs me.

I am brewing my coffee (mama’s lifeline, am I right?) and sitting down to journal.

I am writing down my goals and dreams every day.

I am putting my intentions on paper and purposefully visualizing my dreams as my reality. And I have big dreams Mama.

I am finding that by making this small change in the start to my day, I am feeling more inspired.

I am being drawn back to photography—which I have always loved—but life took a chaotic turn when I became a Mama, and apparently I only take pics of my kids now. Yesterday I spent the morning with my mama and kiddos exploring an area of town we hadn’t been before. I took pictures. Yes, of course I took my usual kid shots, but I also was looking for the beauty around me. I was inspired by the flower shop, the beautiful heart on the top of my cappuccino….I saw the inspiration all around me.

I believe that it is not by chance that I am feeling more inspired.

I believe that by taking a moment for myself, by truly putting my intentions and dreams down on paper, I am creating a life that is purposeful and inspired. I challenge you to try this, mama. Do something everyday, big or small, just for you. And then report back and let me know the amazing changes you are experiencing.



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